Tournament Reports

Tournament Reports

The Greatest Warrior of All is Born! Tournament Wrap-up


All this started from March, where the in-game event LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL was held, with which 16 Top Players were chosen to gather at HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas. After deciding the tournament bracket in the pre-match meetup, 30 matches took place 2 days later, all finished in the same day. At long last, one fighter stood proudly on the stage, claiming victory in all showdown matches.

Among the best players from Japan, Asia, Oceania, America, Europe and Africa, the name of our champion is… MILCOOL!

Let’s go through the Grand Final and Awards Ceremony together.

Two Japanese players competed in the Grand Final, and MILCOOL took the win away from MASAKATSU with 2-1.

Other players also couldn’t take their eyes off the Grand Final live broadcast. The arena was filled with exclamations of amazement the moment when MASAKATSU nailed an incredible comeback in GAME 2.

The tournament bracket board retired with honors.

DBL Producer Keigo handed over commemorative trophies to the Top 8 players in the Awards Ceremony.

MILCOOL won Hercule’s Champion Belt as the Winner’s Prize. An in-game original costume for Shallot with the same Champion Belt design will also be sent to our champ. Only one player in the world can enjoy the privilege of wearing this legendary outfit!

Looking calm and collected even when finishing off his final opponent, MILCOOL eventually showed his smile when asked about how it feels being the strongest in the world, answering “It feels wonderful!” with joy.

Producer Keigo couldn’t hold off anymore, demanding to be the first challenger for our champion. An exhibition match between the winner and producer started next.

New info of the game was revealed during the match. You won’t want to miss it, so make sure to check the live stream archive!

Dragon Ball Legends is near its first anniversary and there is much more to come.
Our next world champion could be YOU!

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