Player Introductions

Player Introductions


What’s your typical day like?

My day starts with breakfast, watch the TV and play some mobile games for a couple of hours, then go to the gym, eat afterwards and then go to work. At night play a little more mobile games or watch TV.

Why you started playing Dragon Ball Legends and how’s your game progress?

I pre-registered and started playing as soon as it’s released. My progress is very good so far I own most of the characters and most of my Sparkings are completed. Not a 7 star Sparking yet. I’m 1 copy of Super Saiyan Goku (SP/RED) from my first.

Favorite In-Game Character

Broly (SP/PUR)

Why do you like using this character?

He is very versatile. Blast Armor, transforms and heals, card drawing speed, very good Special Moves. Just overall a very well rounded character.

Favorite Team Formation

So far my favorite formation is: Lord Slug (SP/BLU), Zamasu (SP/RED), Perfect Cell (SP/YEL) as the battle members, and Piccolo (SP/GRN), Demon King Piccolo (SP/YEL), Super Janemba (SP/PUR) as the bench.

Your PvP Battle Style

I try to have an aggresive play style, always try to push opponent to use his Vanishing Step with Blast cards and then time the hit.

Expectations for the Tournament

I think this tournament is going to be a great experience for everyone, and being part of the very first Dragon Ball Legends tournament is an honor.

Decks for SHOWDOWN

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