Player Introductions

Player Introductions


What’s your typical day like?

Lifting up my gameplay skills.

Why you started playing Dragon Ball Legends and how’s your game progress?

Have been a big fan of Dragon Ball since 30 years ago. Also been playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and Dragon Ball FighterZ, so it was natural to start Dragon Ball Legends as well.

Usually clears up all Stories, Challenges and Events soon after their release.

Favorite In-Game Character

SP Yamcha, SP Great Saiyaman 1.

Why do you like using this character?

They are interesting to use and have a unique battle style.

Favorite Team Formation

I use my [Girls] waifu team in PvP. Team is Ribrianne, Caulifla and Mai.

Your PvP Battle Style

Fast paced and offensive style.

Expectations for the Tournament

I am glad to present our game community and become a competitor from France. Looking forward to fun and fair play in the matches.

Decks for SHOWDOWN

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