Player Introductions

Player Introductions


What’s your typical day like?

Studying engineering in Kyoto University.

Why you started playing Dragon Ball Legends and how’s your game progress?

I am a big fan of Dragon Ball and my friends are also into DBL. My best PvP achievement is reaching the 3rd Place, and I was also ranked in Top 10 for 5 times.

Favorite In-Game Character

Perfect Cell (SP/YEL)

Why do you like using this character?

His Ultimate Arts’ power is crazy.

Favorite Team Formation

A hybrid of [Future] and [Regenerations].

Your PvP Battle Style

Keeping in mind not to let my characters be defeated by Rising Rushes.

Expectations for the Tournament

Looking forward to playing against overseas “Saiyans”! Will do my best!

Decks for SHOWDOWN

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