Player Introductions

Player Introductions


What’s your typical day like?

Playing video games, playing sports, and gathering action figures.

Why you started playing Dragon Ball Legends and how’s your game progress?

Dragon Ball is my favorite show since I am a kid. I have reached Battle Rank 50 and my number of wins is 4,235.

Favorite In-Game Character

Mai (GRN), Zamasu (RED), Perfect Cell (YEL), Lord Slug (BLU).

Why do you like using this character?

They all got useful tags like “Future” and “Regeneration”. They allow players to make errors and still win matches, and could output good damage.

Favorite Team Formation

[Future] and [Regenerations].

Your PvP Battle Style

Defensive play.

Expectations for the Tournament

I am proud and thankful of entering this tournament. I hope to answer the expections from my friends and family, and players from Taiwan game communities.

Decks for SHOWDOWN

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