Player Introductions

Player Introductions


What’s your typical day like?

Going to the gym and playing poker.

Why you started playing Dragon Ball Legends and how’s your game progress?

My friend introduced me the game. Now I am Z Lv. 196, on my 334th login day, and have a total of 5,578 wins.

Favorite In-Game Character


Why do you like using this character?

She’s got good toolkits and is able to link up combos.

Favorite Team Formation

[Future] team.

Your PvP Battle Style

I like it when the battle’s under my control but not so good at turnarounds.

Expectations for the Tournament

Thank you DBL for letting me join the showdown. I don’t consider myself as one of the strongest players, but I will try my best not to let my family and community friends down. Having said that, I will bring my opponents as much trouble as I can, so don’t let your guard down.

Decks for SHOWDOWN

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