The strongest. The best. Champion.
We’re here to establish once and for all to whom these titles rightfully belong, but what does it really mean to be “Champion”?
As we’ve seen here today, there are many competitors out there who would be considered strong, even elite, but to determine who stands at the top is no simple matter.
Is it how many times you win? Or by how great a margin you win? Or is it against whom you win that gives weight to your claim?
Whatever the case, you must win to be the best, and that means defeating all manner of powerful rivals, each equally as hungry for the view from the top.
From around the world, sixteen candidates considered worthy of the prestigious title gathered here in Las Vegas to do battle.
There are now only two, both hailing from Japan, as fate would have it.

Emerging from the tempestuous wake of his incontrovertible supremacy in the Winners Bracket, is MILCOOL.
The man knows no defeat. Out of four rounds, he’s won four. Eight games from eight. Only victories are tallied in his ledger, and his name is underlined atop every competitor’s list of rivals to beat.

To challenge MILCOOL, proudly walking his road of redemption out of the Losers Bracket, is MASAKATSU.
After suffering defeat at the fingertips of CHICKEN319 in the WINNERS SEMIFINALS, MASAKATSU fought tooth and nail against other tenacious challengers vying for a second chance at glory, and proved himself worthy of standing vindicated on the GRAND FINAL stage.

People enticed by the prospect of being inducted as Champion, but why?
It could be that they long to gaze over a cheering crowd, awash in spotlights and the glow of the stage. But that did not seem so for MILCOOL and MASAKATSU, whose faces depicted their singular desire to simply win.

That’s all that matters now, winning. Claiming victory over their final opponent and asserting themselves as the undeniable Champion.

How appropriately Saiyan of them!

But enough with the theatrics!
Let the ultimate battle begin!



MILCOOL’s Team and Battle Members

MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

MILCOOL brought his Girls/Future team to GAME 1 and found himself in an advantageous position against MASAKATSU’s SON Family team thanks to Chi-Chi’s +80% damage inflicted against her husband and children. MASAKATSU made a smart pick, however, electing not to bring BLU Gohan to the fight, who is especially vulnerable to GRN Chi-Chi, instead choosing to rely on RED Gohan, who is particularly useful against MILCOOL’s Cell.

No sooner had the curtains raised than MILCOOL sprang into action. He dodged around MASAKATSU’s opening attack and punished hard with the help of Chi-Chi’s insane bonus damage. MASAKATSU cover changed into RED Gohan to mitigate some health-loss with his “Turn Regret into Power” Ability, so MILCOOL gave chase and tagged into Ribrianne to capitalize on her Element advantage. He made the right play in trying to send a “Pretty Cannon” over the top of one of RED Gohan’s Blast Arts, but activated it a fraction too late and was interrupted during its windup and paid some health for the miss.

The spectacle continued as both players drew close and engaged in a battle of timing. Ribrianne and Goten dueled with their dodges, but it was MASAKATSU who came out on top and blew away half of Ribrianne’s health. MASAKATSU pulled off a masterful play when during that combo, he knew that MILCOOL would likely use Cell’s “Cover: Rescue” to bail Ribrianne out, so he switched fighters between Arts and left a tiny gap where cover change couldn’t activate! As a result, Cell switched in without his ability, and ate the second half of MASAKATSU’s combo!


MILCOOL would of course strike back. He brought Chi-Chi back out and scored a combo on MASAKATSU’s Goku, Rising Rush at the ready if needed. Should MASAKATSU cover change here, his high-health Goten or RED Gohan would make a prime target for the Rush, and so was left with no choice but to let Chi-Chi eliminate Goku. All was not lost, however, as we know by now Goku’s powerful “Proud Inheritance” would live on in his sons!

Next came a “Solar Kamehameha” from MILCOOL’s Cell! The high-powered Ultimate was deftly dealt with by MASAKATSU, who cover changed into RED Gohan to significantly reduce its damage, but was left seeing stars after being inflicted with Faint! MASAKATSU grimaced at his misfortune, for if that 20% Faint chance had not succeeded, RED Gohan wouldn’t have been put down by a Rising Rush from Chi-Chi!

MILCOOL, now leading 3v1, calmly waited for a weakness in MASAKATSU’s defense to present itself. He landed a “Ribrianne Eternal Love” and must have been feeling lucky as he also got the Paralyze on MASAKATSU’s Goten! It was now only a matter of time, and right on time the Paralyze ticked and was exploited by Cell who finished the job for MILCOOL.



MILCOOL’s Team and Battle Members

MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

Both players stuck with their party picks, but this time for GAME 2, MILCOOL aiming for a repeat, MASAKATSU striving to change history.

Brilliant timing won MASAKATSU a combo and seven shiny Dragon Balls along with it. He took a shot at eliminating Chi-Chi early with his Rising Rush, and even though it was evaded he was able to use the priority to connect a combo anyway and start blasting with Goten.

During that combo, MASAKATSU again showed off his anti-cover change strategy. He left microscopic gaps between his Arts attacks just long enough to prevent Cell’s “Cover: Rescue” from activating should he switch in, but not so long that MILCOOL could do anything about it! Thanks to his masterful control, Cell dropped in unprotected and fell victim to three of RED Gohan’s furious Blast attacks before being pushed out of harm’s way by Ribrianne.

MILCOOL, not to be outdone, moved to take the upper hand. If he could take out MASAKATSU’s RED Gohan, the late game would be vastly easier to dominate, so he tried to lock him in using Ribrianne’s Main Ability. However, MASAKATSU reacted just in time to switch in Goku, who was trapped instead, as though daring MILCOOL to take him out first.

MILCOOL rose to the challenge and dispatched Goku with vigor, blowing him away in a squall with Chi-Chi’s Ultimate “Whirlwind Impact”!

MASAKATSU’s Goten hit the battlefield, bereaved of his father and out for revenge, but was stopped dead in his tracks before landing a hit! Goten and Chi-Chi exchanged Vanishing Steps to end up in close proximity, from where MILCOOL lit the fuse on his Rising Rush!

The Rush went through cleanly, and in a flash MILCOOL had created an oppressive 3v1 lead. Could this be it? Would MILCOOL really slice straight through the tournament in a clean sweep with no losses at all? With the match in its present state, it all seemed to be a matter of time.

But for MASAKATSU, it was impermissible.


With only his RED Gohan standing between him and defeat, to win this match would be akin to a boss rush of epic proportions!
First off, Cell used his “Cover: Rescue” to save Chi-Chi from Gohan, then started a combo and passed the baton to Ribrianne. MASAKATSU responded by using Gohan’s Main ability to temporarily ignore his Elemental disadvantage and blow her away with a “Super Kamehameha”!

Cell flew out looking healthy and tried to suppress Gohan’s fury, but lost an evasion read! Gohan launched into a combo, “Father-Son Kamehameha” still in hand from his Main Ability earlier, meaning that the impetus was now on MILCOOL to decide: Who will fall, Cell or Chi-Chi? MILCOOL chose to put all of his chips on Chi-Chi, and allowed Cell to perish by Gohan’s hand.

MASAKATSU had dragged MILCOOL down into a dreadful 1v1. This is the ferocity of a man who has tasted bitter defeat, and is loath to know it again. Chi-Chi lashed Gohan with Arts cards, but he had enough health to take it steadfastly. He then forced Chi-Chi’s Vanishing Step with his long-held “Father-Son Kamehameha”, eating another punishing combo, but held on. The sacrifice was not in vain, however, because MASAKATSU had now left MILCOOL with no evasive countermeasures! He sent Chi-Chi reeling with a Strike Arts, then blew her away with a decisive Blast Arts.

MASAKATSU had just pulled off what could be the greatest comeback of the tournament, let alone it being the first blemish on MILCOOL’s formerly perfect record!



MILCOOL’s Team and Battle Members

MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

This is it. The final game of SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS!
There are no more second chances. Lose now, and there will be no shot at redemption, only consolation.

For his final game of the day, MILCOOL brought out his SON Family party. MASAKATSU put his faith in his own SON Family party, having won him GAME 2. Both players deployed the same battle members.

The final conflict between dominance and determination begins!
MILCOOL struck the first blow, sliding past a Blast Arts and starting a combo with his own. Having a hand full of Blasts and more on the draw during his combo, this was the best conditions one could hope for when going on the warpath with Goten. He racked up an impressive 43 hits shared between MASAKATSU’s RED and BLU Gohan. MASAKATSU almost caught MILCOOL in the middle of a sidestep with a “Masenko”, but was just slightly too slow to fire and was evaded, granting MILCOOL another combo!

MILCOOL tagged into Goten for a Ki refill and kept the blows coming. He threatened BLU Gohan with a “Family Kamehameha” which could have knocked him out of the game early, but MASAKATSU made the appropriate response and cover changed with his RED Gohan to minimize the damage.

MILCOOL showed no signs of letting up and launched his Rising Rush! MASAKATSU was able to evade without issue, but the priority coming off a Rush meant that MILCOOL was able to keep applying pressure. It was as though MILCOOL was throwing everything he had at MASAKATSU, allowing him no quarter to find his footing and mount a counterattack.

MASAKATSU tried again to push back against the tidal wave that was MILCOOL, but seemed to only play right into his opponent’s hands. His attack was evaded then punished by MILCOOL, who perfectly timed his blows to land when MASAKATSU could do nothing to stop them. MILCOOL had carved out such a strong lead that it didn’t even matter to him that he wasted the healing portion of BLU Gohan’s Main Ability on his full-health party, he only had one thing on his mind and that was to attack. He connected the “Family Kamehameha” on MASAKATSU’s Goten, erasing the greater portion of his health bar in a blue-white flash.

MASAKATSU finally got a hand on MILCOOL but it was a mere Tap Attack, and MILCOOL’s incredible reading shone through immediately afterward.

He drew in close to MASAKATSU who sensed the threat and started sidestepping, but it was only a feint! The opening created allowed MILCOOL to easily blow away the last of BLU Gohan’s HP with a Blast Arts from Goten. RED Gohan dropped in and started furiously throwing Ki Blasts but it was no good! MILCOOL was simply too fast and Vanished around them to deliver a lethal punish and leave MASAKATSU with only one fighter remaining.

And then the hour of fate fell upon them.
MASAKATSU was able to evade once and score his first real combo of the game on MILCOOL’s Goten, who was promptly saved by BLU Gohan who cover changed in. MASAKATSU’s Goten, now all alone and without his Vanishing Step to save himself, could only watch grimly and resign himself to defeat as MILCOOL’s delivered the coup de grace.

With that final blow, the name of the Champion had been decided.



MASAKATSU: “I gave it everything I had, but still couldn’t quite go on a par with my opponent, so I really have nothing to complain. MILCOOL and I had a few practice matches after coming to Las Vegas, and having a small lead in those matches I thought that I had a chance to win, but he was honestly just too good. Every player I’ve met here, no matter where they were from, was very strong, and I’m really happy that I was able to be part of this. If there’s ever another chance for me to do something like this again, I’ll definitely try again and give it my best shot.”

Even in the face of defeat, MASAKATSU can take pride in being the only competitor here today who was able to take a game away from MILCOOL. After witnessing that miraculous GAME 2, nobody knew which way the match was going to go.

When we look back on this tournament, MILCOOL’s and MASAKATSU’s names will both be remembered, for without them, this battle could not have been the spectacle it was.

Fighting like a true warrior to the very end, after a trying journey where he proved himself again and again, we applaud MASAKATSU’s incredible effort.

MILCOOL’s Interview

Congratulations! Tell us about how you feel, looking back on the Grand Final match.

MILCOOL: “MASAKATSU really is a great player. I’ve faced him a bunch of times, and to tell the truth I lose more often than not! I’m glad that today was one of the times I won, today it mattered the most.”

We spoke to MASAKATSU before the match and he told us he was going to have to throw everything he had at you to have a shot at winning.

MILCOOL: “No way! I’m sure he was just being modest.”

You were spoken of as one of the favorites to win this tournament, did you think you were going to win?

MILCOOL: “I thought I could, yeah. I was confident that I had a pretty good shot.”

What do you think your greatest strength is out there on the battlefield?

MILCOOL: “I think it’s probably the way I read my opponents’ moves and play around them.”

We definitely saw a lot of great reads and plays from you today. Looking back on the experience as a whole, what was your favorite part?

MILCOOL: “All of it! At the award ceremony I was really surprised when all of that gold confetti started raining down. And I had no idea that the exhibition match at the end was going to happen, that was so crazy, it was really amazing.”

Lastly, do you have anything to say to all the challengers out there that will be coming after you now that you’re Champion?

MILCOOL: “Uhh, please don’t beat me. *laughing* But honestly, I’d be happy to take on anyone. Bring it on!”

Thank you so much! And congratulations again, Champion, great performance today!

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