From 16 superb players who assembled here at Las Vegas, the Winners and Losers Brackets have filtered out the top 3. One of whom, Japan’s MILCOOL, is already patiently awaiting his opponent in the GRAND FINAL.

As for the other two, they are about to do battle for the right to be that opponent!

One challenger is CHICKEN319, from Japan. He was just previously defeated by MILCOOL in the WINNERS FINAL, but it was by no means a blowout match. MILCOOL himself even commented on CHICKEN319’s strength in our post-match interview, and CHICKEN319, during his own interview, made a solemn vow to have his revenge!

Needless to say, however, CHICKEN319 isn’t the only one with a burning desire to make it to the GRAND FINAL, nor is he alone in his quest for vengeance. That’s because his opponent this round is a man he once defeated, and who is currently seeking revenge against him! That man is Japan’s MASAKATSU.
After tasting bitter defeat against CHICKEN319 in the WINNERS SEMIFINALS, we watched MASAKATSU cleanse his palate by claiming sweet victory over powerful rivals like ICHIZOKU and WALLACE. MASAKATSU has clawed his way back through the treacherous Losers Bracket to meet his quarry here in the LOSERS FINAL.

Now, two fellow countrymen will stake their pride on this match for the right to compete in the GRAND FINAL to prove themselves not only the best in Japan, but the entire world!


CHICKEN319’s Team and Battle Members

MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

The competitors wasted no time before letting their fists fly in GAME 1.
They treated us to a rare Special Move Dokibaki Impact between each player’s Gotens’ “Kamehameha”, which MASAKATSU came out on top of with a 947. He tried for another “Kamehameha” afterwards, but CHICKEN319 evaded and delivered a punishing hail of Blast Arts which left MASAKATSU’s BLU Gohan with Paralysis after he cover changed in to protect his younger brother.

That Paralyze would cause a dramatic turn in the game, but not in the direction we expected! CHICKEN319 was holding a Special Move, carefully maneuvering and waiting for the chance to fire. Paralyze ticked on MASAKATSU’s BLU Gohan and CHICKEN319 launched the “Kamehameha” as quickly as he could, but his reaction was a moment too late! BLU Gohan evaded, then served up a huge punish together with Goten to blast CHICKEN319’s Goten to within an inch of his life!

But CHICKEN319 was unfazed, and made an impressive play to not only even the score but put himself in the lead! MASAKATSU was hanging back at long range, cycling through Strike Arts with cancels to collect Dragon Balls. CHICKEN319 wasn’t about to let his opponent build up any free advantage, and sent a perfectly timed Blast Arts down the line to collide with MASAKATSU’s Goten before he could cancel out! He threatened to finish Goten off with an Ultimate “Family Kamehameha” from his own Goten, but MASAKATSU cover changed with BLU Gohan to soak up the damage and was left at below half health.


The next occurrence to shift the flow of the game was due to a Rising Rush. MASAKATSU’s RED Gohan cover changed in to save BLU Gohan, who had just evaded CHICKEN319’s Rising Rush and was on the receiving end of a follow-up combo. He cautiously felt out CHICKEN319’s movements then timed his own Rising Rush to collide with an incoming Strike Arts to connect! The play went according to plan, and MASAKATSU was able to eliminate CHICKEN319’s RED Gohan from the game and put himself ahead at 3v2.

MASAKATSU managed to generate even more advantage by landing Goten’s Ultimate on BLU Gohan for some decent damage, and also succeeded in elegantly evading CHICKEN319’s counter attack. Without missing a beat, he pushed again, landed another Ultimate, and was able to finish off CHICKEN319’s cover-changing Goten!

CHICKEN319 now faced a cruel 1v3 battle, but fought impressively to the very end! He survived long enough to collect seven Dragon Balls for another Rising Rush, but was unfortunately taken down before being able to use it.

The match was off to a riveting start, and MASAKATSU was now one win away from the GRAND FINAL.



CHICKEN319’s Team and Battle Members

MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

MASAKATSU kicked things off in GAME 2 with a very assertive offense. He won several exchanges, reading CHICKEN319’s moves masterfully, resetting combos, and before long, had completely filled out his Dragon Ball collection!

MASAKATSU was now prodding for a hole in CHICKEN319’s defenses through which to fire his Rush, but CHICKEN319 knew better than to let his guard down. When MASAKATSU tried to close the distance and apply pressure, CHICKEN319 responded skillfully with a Blast Arts which fed into a combo and left Goten on half HP.

If CHICKEN319 wasn’t going to open a window for MASAKATSU, he would just have to break one open! MASAKATSU predicted his opponent’s dodge and punished, opening a combo on CHICKEN319’s Goten. CHICKEN319 would of course want to save Goten from taking too much damage here, but knew that if he cover changed into one of his higher health fighters, MASAKATSU would be able to get a lot more value out of a Rising Rush than if he were forced to use it on Goten. CHICKEN319 held out on cover changing, hoping MASAKATSU wouldn’t have enough fuel in the tank to finish off Goten with Arts alone, but in the end MASAKATSU drove it all the way home and got the K.O.

While it could be said that CHICKEN319 made the right decision not to cover change, even though it didn’t pan out favorably in the end, the fact remained that the Rising Rush would have to come out sometime, and it soon did when MASAKATSU got a quick evade on RED Gohan’s Blast Arts! MASAKATSU’s BLU Gohan slipped by the Ki blasts to meet RED Gohan at point-blank range and connected the Rush. CHICKEN319 was unable to win the card guess, and lost yet another one of his precious fighters, once again finding himself in a 1v3 struggle for survival.

This was dire straits for CHICKEN319, but he would do whatever it took to pull himself back into the game. If he could just hold out, force a GAME 3 and win it, MILCOOL would be waiting for him in the GRAND FINAL. Could it really all end here?

CHICKEN319 entered a state of intense focus and attempted to stage his comeback with BLU Gohan.
He caught MASAKATSU’s RED Gohan switching in and blew away most of his health, but was unable to finish the job before BLU Gohan switched in and counterattacked.


MASAKATSU, having come so far, had no intention of allowing the tables to be turned on him now. He switched into Goten for a “Kamehameha”, and the match came full circle when CHICKEN319 launched his “Masenko” at the same time, creating another Special Move Dokibaki Impact!

The intensity of this moment was made manifest when both players scored uncharacteristically low, each thinking they had lost the clash, but MASAKATSU came out this time as well with an 847!

The fighters then reset at their respective corners, but it seemed that CHICKEN319’s sole fighter had exhausted his borrowed time, going down to one final Blast Arts from MASAKATSU’s Goten.

In a fairytale ending, MASAKATSU redeems himself against CHICKEN319 and wins his place in the GRAND FINAL!



CHICKEN319: “It was a painful loss, but MASAKATSU is a very good player. I don’t have any regrets, I’m honestly just happy that I was able to play here on this stage today.”

MASAKATSU: “Compared to when we first fought earlier today, I was able to read his evades a lot better and my attacks were hitting their marks. I think that’s why I won this time. It’s just fundamental stuff but it is really hard to do well all the time, I think I really played my best this match.”

With this match being such an entertaining full-power clash, it’s safe to say the fighters weren’t the only ones being blown away!

MASAKATSU: “As for next match, I know MILCOOL personally and what kind of player he is. I think I’ll have to use absolutely everything I know and can do in order to beat him. I won’t hold anything back or leave anything to regret!”

MASAKATSU staunchly moves on to face the final boss of this tournament: the indomitable MILCOOL.

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