It’s the LOSER SEMIFINALS! Here we’ll see Japan’s MASAKATSU go up against Taiwan’s WALLACE, and how must these two be feeling?!

MASAKATSU found himself in the Losers Bracket after losing a neck-and-neck match to fellow Japanese player CHICKEN319, then beat France’s ICHIZOKU last round to end up here. If MASAKATSU can win this match, CHICKEN319 will be waiting for him in the LOSERS FINAL, having been beaten by another Japanese player, MILCOOL, who is currently preparing for the GRAND FINAL.

Then we have WALLACE, whose warrior spirit has been thirsting for this moment; MASAKATSU is the one who sent him to the Losers Bracket in the first place! After losing to MASAKATSU in the Top 8, WALLACE has earned his right to revenge with his impressive performance in the proceeding 3 rounds where he didn’t lose a single game.

It’s all been for this. From the way we’ve seen this man accelerating through his gears this tournament, who knows just how far WALLACE will go if he’s able to get over this speed bump!

The spotlights focus in on our two competitors, and the LOSERS SEMIFINALS begins!


MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

WALLACE’s Team and Battle Members

Both players selected SON Family for GAME 1. There was a small difference in their battle members, though, where MASAKATSU had brought his BLU Gohan, effective against RED Gohan, while WALLACE picked his GRN Goku in lieu of a BLU Element character, perhaps in order to deal with his opponent’s BLU threat.

The game was off to a flashy start where MASAKATSU and WALLACE hurled volley upon volley of Blast Arts at each other that ended in mutually assured destruction, until someone ran out of ammo, that is! MASAKATSU won the Blast-off and blew away half of WALLACE’s GRN Goku’s health. WALLACE then switched into Goten for another try, but was double-Vanished by MASAKATSU’s Goten and BLU Gohan, the latter of whom delivered a punishing second combo.

The combo was finished off by Goten, who tagged back in and restored enough Ki with his Unique Ability to be able to fire off a “Kamehameha”! WALLACE, wanting to protect his own Goten, cover changed back into his GRN Goku to take blow, leaving him on low health.

Now it was time for WALLACE to strike back and let GRN Goku do what he does best! Using his Main Ability to dramatically increase his draw speed, he went off on a combo which compensated for Goku’s Elemental disadvantage against Goten with pure quantity, drilling him down to half HP.

However, MASAKATSU was quick to take back control. Goten charged at Goku with a Strike Arts which met its mark, allowing him to throw one of his powerful Blast Arts and finish him off. Should WALLACE have switched into Goten or RED Gohan here, either more vicious Blast Arts, or worse, Goten’s Ultimate or Rising Rush, would be waiting. Knowing this, and with his Goku having fulfilled his role of applying early-game pressure, WALLACE chose to let Goku go down and reset the battle’s momentum.


The plan worked for a while, and WALLACE was able to rip through BLU Gohan’s health with a brutal combo and Ultimate from his RED Gohan. MASAKATSU’s BLU Gohan survived, however, and struck back hard with an astonishing read! He fired a Blast Arts to bait WALLACE’s Vanishing Step then quickly cancelled to throw out a Tap Attack, to which WALLACE responded to by switching to Goten and Vanishing again. That’s when trap clamped shut. MASAKATSU had seen this all coming, and now with his opponent stuck at close proximity with no evades, switches, or time to react, he pulled the trigger on his Rising Rush! The Rush went through and eliminated WALLACE’s Goten, leaving him 1v3.

WALLACE tried now to return the favor, forcing a Vanish-switch-Vanish then activating his Rush, but MASAKATSU was able to switch in his third fighter and Vanish again! Unfortunately for WALLACE, there was no dramatic comeback to be made this game, and his last battle member went down shortly after to MASAKATSU’s RED Gohan’s Legendary Finish “Father-Son Kamehameha”!



MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

WALLACE’s Team and Battle Members

Both challengers brought the same parties as before to GAME 2 and competed fiercely over control in the early game.

In a scene very similar to the beginning of GAME 1, WALLACE’s GRN Goku and MASAKATSU’s Goten pelted Blast Arts barrages at each other. This time, though, WALLACE had enough cards in hand to end the clash in a tie.

The two were locked in a tense stalemate until MASAKATSU scored a combo. With a nice mix-up to catch WALLACE off guard, where he would usually Vanish, switch, then Vanish again or attack, he delayed for a fraction of a second and caught his opponent in a sidestep! The combo led into a Rising Rush which also went through unimpeded and got a K.O! Worse still for WALLACE, the one to bite the dust was his late-game trump card, RED Gohan!

Despite this crippling loss, WALLACE’s spirit was undampened. On the contrary, he pulled off a play so perfect in its simplicity it had MASAKATSU throw his head back in disbelief! He knocked his opponent back to mid-range with a Tap Attack flurry, after which both players tilted at each other with Strike Arts. Where one might expect a Dokibaki Impact, WALLACE rolled out of his approach as smooth as silk and flanked MASAKATSU wide open with a Rising Rush! Best of all, the one to go down this time was MASAKATSU’s RED Gohan!

Now 2v2 in fighters, two Gotens clashed on the battlefield. MASAKATSU had switched his in after evading a Blast Arts, then proceeded to go all in with a big combo, but was stopped just short of finding a K.O when WALLACE cover changed with his Goku.


But MASAKATSU wasn’t ready to pass the controller yet! Thanks to a great evasion read, he was able to reset for another combo with Goten! He made another read to catch Goku sidestepping and blew him away with a well-timed “Kamehameha”, putting himself ahead at 2v1.

MASAKATSU’s BLU Gohan came in next and made quick work of WALLACE’s final character, Goten, ending the match with a Vanishing Step into Strike Arts!



WALLACE: “My opponent was very strong, I couldn’t quite keep up. I’d give myself a 7 out of 10 for that match.”

WALLACE is hard on himself as a player, but that spirit will move and motivate his play to new heights in the future. Thank you for your superb performance today, you’re a 10 in our books!

MASAKATSU: “I’d already gone up against WALLACE and took the win before, so I wasn’t too nervous going into this match and was able to play my best. I think the reasons I won were… probably the Rising Rush I got off the Tap Attack in GAME 1, and also being able to see him trying to make those kinds of moves and playing around them. Next round I’ll be playing against CHICKEN319, who beat me before, so I’ll be doing my best not to get “Paralyzed” or anything this time.”

MASAKATSU takes down WALLACE for the second time today, but there’s no time to rest yet! Will MASAKATSU be able to fulfill his sworn vengeance against CHICKEN319 next round in the LOSERS FINAL?! Check the next report to find out!

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