The second and final match of LOSERS ROUND 4 featured France’s NA-KAEL-08 and Taiwan’s WALLACE.
While their respective countries may be different, there are at least two things we know they have in common.

First is the reason they came all the way to Las Vegas: to become Champion. It goes without saying that even now, that objective remains.
The second thing they have in common is something they’ve each told us during our interviews, something they both desire.


NA-KAEL-08 wants another shot at the man who knocked him down from the WINNERS SEMIFINALS to where he is now: MILCOOL. MILCOOL himself has already secured his seat in the GRAND FINAL, so if NA-KAEL-08 is truly serious about redeeming himself, that’s where he needs to go.

WALLACE’s target is the one who he lost to in the WINNERS TOP 8: MASAKATSU. WALLACE told us that after his loss to MASAKATSU, he feels as though he’s been awakened, and when we saw his astounding performance in the proceeding rounds, we believed him! MASAKATSU now waits for his opponent, the winner of this match, in the LOSERS SEMIFINALS.

Which warrior will the gods of battle favor on their path to vengeance?! Let’s find out!


NA-KAEL-08’s Team and Battle Members

WALLACE’s Team and Battle Members

NA-KAEL-08 is running Future/Hybrids this game, while his opponent, WALLACE, is using Girls/Regen. WALLACE may have a slightly favorable matchup here on paper, but who knows how this match will unfold.

NA-KAEL-08 made the first big play. He had his Mai fire off a “Full Charge Shot” at WALLACE’s Ribrianne who easily evaded it…exactly as planned! After forcing the Vanishing Step, NA-KAEL-08 went for his Rising Rush, but WALLACE had a plan of his own! Suspecting that this was no ordinary Special Move attempt, he quickly switched to his Mai after evading to fire a “Flash Bang” and cancel whatever NA-KAEL-08 was going to throw out. A smart play with a big payoff.

The next scene which advanced the game was when WALLACE’s Zamasu was putting the hurt onto NA-KAEL-08’s YEL Gohan. Starting off with a “Fierce God Slicer” and following up with a couple of won evasion reads, YEL Gohan’s health was just melting away. NA-KAEL-08 must have figured he’d let YEL Gohan go down to take advantage of his “Passing on the Will” buff, because despite every chance to cover change into another fighter, he opted to let the Super Saiyan fall to Zamasu.


Next up, WALLACE locked Mai in his sights and had at her with a Rising Rush from Ribrianne. This could have all but sealed the deal, but NA-KAEL-08 fortunately guessed the right card to push Ribrianne onto the back foot and counterattack!

NA-KAEL-08 worked hard with Mai and RED Gohan to re-gather his Dragon Balls, but couldn’t find a time to use it! Try as he might, he just could not open a combo to guarantee the Rush connected, even worse, WALLACE was on the warpath! NA-KAEL-08’s RED Gohan took heavy damage from Ribrianne’s “Pretty Cannon” so he switched to Mai, but then a small misstep and “Flash Bang” fired a moment too late saw her eliminated from the game.

Now NA-KAEL-08 was down to only RED Gohan. He fought as valiantly as one can in a 1v3 against nearly full-health opponents, even knocking out Ribrianne with a beautiful counter Rising Rush, but in the end was defeated.
WALLACE moves one step closer to his coveted revenge.



NA-KAEL-08’s Team and Battle Members

WALLACE’s Team and Battle Members

WALLACE brought his victorious Girls/Regen hybrid team back out for GAME 2, while NA-KAEL-08 decided to mix it up with his SON Family party. NA-KAEL-08 may have thought to use his RED Gohan to take care of WALLACE’s Cell, but WALLACE may too have foreseen the threat and chose not to deploy him.

WALLACE found his feet quickly in the early game and landed a successful combo. His Mai was able to collect all seven Dragon Balls by herself, allowing Zamasu to go after NA-KAEL-08’s Goku with a Rising Rush! Downing Goku first is generally an unfavorable play, but one SON Family users will force you to make. Just the same, WALLACE eliminates Goku and takes a 3v2 lead on NA-KAEL-08.

WALLACE took a breather with Mai’s healing and Ki Recovery, while NA-KAEL-08 went on the offense. Putting Goku’s “Proud Inheritance” to work, he set out to carve away some of his opponent’s health.


This didn’t last too long, however, as WALLACE broke through and took control. He capitalized on an opportune moment to trap NA-KAEL-08’s RED Gohan on the field with Ribrianne’s Main Ability then proceeded to thrash him with her devastating “Ribrianne Eternal Love”, leaving NA-KAEL-08 with only BLU Gohan remaining.

The French fighter remained resolute. Forcing two switches in quick succession, WALLACE ending on Mai, he then baited out Mai’s Vanishing Step to get even more damage in! WALLACE eventually brought Ribrianne out, to which NA-KAEL-08 responded to with his Rising Rush, in turn responded to with WALLACE’s Rising Rush!

It led to a once in a blue moon Rising Rush Dokibaki Impact, and the winner with a perfect 999 was…WALLACE!

NA-KAEL-08’s Gohan was sent reeling from the Impact, and finished off by a Blast Arts courtesy of Ribrianne.



NA-KAEL-08: “It’s a bit unfortunate for it all to end this way, but the fights themselves were really great. I’ve had a huge day, I’m really tired out, but I’ve been able to meet so many new people so it was an awesome experience.”

Enjoying himself to the fullest on the greatest competitive Legends stage there is. Surely even the bitterness of not realizing his revenge against MILCOOL cannot compete with that.

WALLACE: “I’m glad I was able to get another win. I really want to win my next match.”

WALLACE now heads off to the LOSERS SEMIFINALS where the target of his impending vengeance waits. Don’t miss the WALLACE vs MASAKATSU rematch report!

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