We’re finally getting down to business, it’s the WINNERS FINAL!
Starting with the best 16 players in the world, we’ve filtered this elite group down even further and ended up here with two incredible warriors from Japan.

In the red corner stands CHICKEN319.
Boasting a past world rank of 3rd in Super Space-Time Duel, when he’s not tearing up the PvP ladder he lives as a diligent university student. He told us before the tournament that he was looking forward to fighting “Saiyans from all over the world,” but finds himself now up against a fellow countryman. The “Saiyan” part may still apply, however, as his opponent this match has made a name for himself as a serious warrior!

That warrior, in the blue corner, is MILCOOL.
Hailing from Japan, MILCOOL has put on an unbelievable performance today. Just like his opponent, MILCOOL has won three rounds to make it to the WINNERS FINAL, but the difference is that he hasn’t lost a single game in those matches. That’s six straight wins! Composed, in control, and deadly when it comes to Legends, MILCOOL has blown both us and his opponents away game after game with his exquisite gameplay.
The man himself told us, “my fingers freeze up when I get nervous,” but nerves must not be part of the equation this tournament because he’s been deconstructing the competition with surgical precision all day!

All eyes were on the two fighters from Japan for their feature match.
The winner will reserve their seat at the GRAND FINAL, while the loser will have to prove themselves worthy in the Losers bracket if they want another shot at glory.
Who will rise to the top?! Let’s find out!


CHICKEN319’s Team and Battle Members

MILCOOL’s Team and Battle Members

Their parties were a touch different, but CHICKEN319 and MILCOOL hit the battlefield with the same battle members. In a mirror match like this, it all comes down to skill!

CHICKEN319 took the first lead. Using RED Gohan, he started a combo and led it into a Special Move for huge damage against MILCOOL’s BLU Gohan, reducing him to half HP.

Not done yet, CHICKEN319 switched into his BLU Gohan and continued to stack up the damage. He earned himself another combo which dropped MILCOOL’s BLU Gohan down to just a tenth of his health! Now around 30 counts into the match, CHICKEN319 was firmly established.

For a quick path back into the game, MILCOOL launched Goten’s Ultimate, “Family Kamehameha”. CHICKEN319, not wanting to let his own Goten be knocked out early, safely mitigated as much damage as he could by cover changing into RED Gohan for his damage cut Ability.

Next, MILCOOL pointed his Goten at CHICKEN319’s BLU Gohan. Both sides were face-to-face trying to find an in with evasion reads, but it was MILCOOL who won the exchange! BLU Gohan was pelted by a wave of Blast Arts for his trouble. MILCOOL then swapped out to his BLU Gohan to fire off his Ultimate, to which CHICKEN319 responded to by cover changing again into RED Gohan. While RED Gohan does have his damage cut Ability, he also has an unfavorable Element matchup against BLU Gohan. RED Gohan took a decent amount of damage, but this outcome was certainly better than losing Goten or BLU Gohan altogether.

Things were beginning to narrow down. CHICKEN319 connected a “Super Kamehameha” with his RED Gohan then managed to follow it in for a combo! MILCOOL’s already low health BLU Gohan was unable to hold on and suffered the first K.O. of the match, granting CHICKEN319 the lead.


It was time for CHICKEN319 to push. His strategy was sound; he forced MILCOOL to use his Vanishing Step with his Blast Arts then quickly cancelled out of the animation to catch him with a Rising Rush before he could counterattack. If the Rush worked this would create an enormous 3v1 advantage for CHICKEN319, however…MILCOOL countered the Rush with a telepathic read in the card pick! MILCOOL’s Goten was left with just 1 HP, but it was enough to turn the tables and K.O. CHICKEN319’s Goten off the counterattack!

The game had now developed into a 2v2, and there was a tense standoff between MILCOOL’s 1 HP Goten and CHICKEN319’s RED Gohan. MILCOOL forced CHICKEN319’s Vanishing Step, but CHICKEN319 knew that to attempt a punish would only be playing into MILCOOL’s hands, and so switched out to BLU Gohan and started side-stepping. However, the prophetic MILCOOL had already thought one step ahead and caught BLU Gohan mid-animation and start a combo! He finished off BLU Gohan, and now had only CHICKEN319’s low-health RED Gohan standing between him and taking GAME 1.

CHICKEN319 was reeling from having his early lead flipped on its head. He did his best to not get caught out, but in the end MILCOOL used his Rising Rush, which would either give CHICKEN319 a one-in-four chance at surviving, or be dodged and guarantee a follow-up combo. Hard-pressed for answer, CHICKEN319 evaded, relinquishing to MILCOOL the combo and GAME 1 along with it!

MILCOOL takes a step closer to the GRAND FINAL!



CHICKEN319’s Team and Battle Members

MILCOOL’s Team and Battle Members

We opened GAME 2 with the exact same battle member picks from MILCOOL and CHICKEN319 once again.
This time, MILCOOL was first to kick it into high gear! He carved out a small lead with reads and punishes, and looked to be in control.

However, before long, CHICEKN319’s prods for an opening paid off.

He finally got the upper hand on MILCOOL with a cancel into Vanishing Step to begin his counterattack! After one attack with BLU Gohan, he tagged out into Goten who unleashed a devastating string of Blast Arts. In an instant, CHICKEN319 had stripped MILCOOL’s BLU Gohan of every point of HP he had and knocked him out. Playing well to his fighter’s strengths, CHICKEN319 was now in the lead.

Soon after, chance came knocking again at CHICKEN319’s door. During a duel between each competitor’s RED Gohans, he noticed a fleeting chance to catch MILCOOL off guard with his Rising Rush and pounced on it! With a vague sense of Deja vu from GAME 1, this Rush could create an ultra-advantageous 3v1 for CHICKEN319. The Rush connected, but history was doomed to repeat itself for CHICKEN319 as MILCOOL managed to pick his card and counter just like before!


It was time, again, for MILCOOL’s destructive counterattack. The damage was piling up on CHICKEN319’s RED Gohan, and he was effectively forced to choose which of his fighters would go down. He offered up his Goten to the wrathful MILCOOL who blew him away with a “Father-Son Kamehameha”.

Showing no desire to give his opponent a chance to recuperate, MILCOOL kept the pressure on. He slipped past CHICKEN319’s Hail Mary attempt at a “Super Kamehameha” with his Vanishing Step and was able to take him down with a quick combo.

CHICKEN319’s BLU Gohan now stood alone. He went for a fast Strike Arts the moment he entered the battlefield, but MILCOOL’s keen insight again allowed him to see it coming and evade. Now was the time for the Rising Rush he’d been holding onto this whole game. He carefully decided to pick a Special Skill which trumped CHICKEN319’s Blast, sending the Rush to meet its mark and eliminate BLU Gohan!

Now with an unbelievable 8-0 track record to his name, MILCOOL has proven himself more than worthy of his guaranteed spot in the GRAND FINAL!



CHICKEN319: “This match was, well, what can I say. All I can do now is put everything I have into winning these next matches.”

After being cruelly bereaved of two Rising Rushes this match, CHICKEN319 moves on to try his luck in the Losers bracket.

MILCOOL: “My opponent was just so strong. I think the reason I won was because I read the Rising Rush cards. I really want to win the GRAND FINAL.”

With victory so close he can almost reach out and touch it, MILCOOL prepares to put it all on the line in the GRAND FINAL.

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