Here we go with the second match of LOSERS ROUND 3!
Fighting for their right back into the winner’s circle here in Las Vegas are USA’s DIEGO and Taiwan’s WALLACE. Both players ended up here by losing in the WINNERS TOP 8, but only one will move forward.

“Lose again, lose it all.”
Even amidst the tension of that sentiment, DIEGO and WALLACE appeared undeterred.

WALLACE commented after LOSERS ROUND 2 that having lost a match in the Winners bracket loosened him up a little, and that certainly manifested in the excellent performance he displayed.
DIEGO scrimmaged with his fellow American MICHAEL C last round; it seems the good company calmed his nerves too.

With both competitors in position to play their best, this would be a game not to miss!


DIEGO’s Team and Battle Members

WALLACE’s Team and Battle Members

WALLACE brought his Girls/Regen hybrid team to GAME 1, while DIEGO went with pure Regen. WALLACE may have an edge here thanks to his girls bringing some extra damage to pull him out of the stalemate that Regen mirrors often fall into, but would DIEGO simply outlast his opponent?

The first big play of the match came from WALLACE. When DIEGO swapped into Lord Slug, WALLACE saw a change to deal some big damage with Cell. He drew out DIEGO’s Vanishing Step with a short Tap Attack bait then went straight into Rising Rush! Slug was taken down, granting WALLACE an early lead.

Free of nerves just as he told us, WALLACE was hitting his stride this game. He seemed to be in total control as he flowed through his characters and stacked up damage on DIEGO. Eventually he found himself in position to make an attempt on Regen’s resilient tank, Zamasu.


DIEGO was fighting hard, too. He managed to shave off some of WALLACE’s Zamasu’s health, but not for long! WALLACE struck back and was able to break through Zamasu’s “Immortal Body”, but ran out of steam, just being able to double-tap the callous Kai. DIEGO moved to return fire, but got bamboozled by a double Vanish from WALLACE’s Mai and Cell!

With that combo reset, Cell was able to finish off Zamasu to put DIEGO into a 1v3 with only his own Cell to stand against WALLACE’s full team.

DIEGO tried to get the jump on WALLACE by firing his Rising Rush as soon as his Cell hit the battlefield, but WALLACE was too fast! He evaded in time then launched his own Rising Rush with Zamasu to end the game.



DIEGO’s Team and Battle Members

WALLACE’s Team and Battle Members

Both players took the same teams as before into GAME 2.

The early-game was looking fairly even. Both players were rotating well, taking safe jabs, and trading Vanishing Steps.

WALLACE started to pull ahead. He’d landed two Special Moves on DIEGO and was looking to make a breakaway. He performed a quick switch-Vanish with Mai then tagged out to Cell, anticipating another attack to dodge. DIEGO, on the other hand, thought a counter would be coming out from Cell and dodged too! In that brief and intense moment of mismatched reads, WALLACE made the snap judgement to use his Rising Rush! It was a good call, and had the Rush gone through it would have taken out Cell in a single strike, but DIEGO hit the bullseye in the card choice and countered!

DIEGO fired right back with his Rising Rush and saw it through! WALLACE’s Cell went down and DIEGO took the lead!


The battle raged on.
Both players seemed to be on relatively even ground based on trades won and momentum even though WALLACE was down a fighter. The tension was palpable as the two competitors fought for a clear advantage upon which to capitalize, every nerve in their body focused in on this battle.

However, such strain to avoid making mistakes can conversely cause them! WALLACE had intended to combo his Special Move off a Blast Arts, but an input error wedged a Tap Shot in-between! DIEGO was able to dodge the Special Move, but WALLACE’s quick thinking saved him from being punished. The Special Move had given him the final Dragon Ball needed for his Rising Rush, so after being dodged by DIEGO he activated it without hesitation! The Rush blew Lord Slug away to even out the game at 2v2.

Now they picked up the pace. WALLACE’s Mai and DIEGO’s Zamasu collided in a Dokibaki Impact where Mai came out on top by a fraction with 981 over Zamasu’s 969. This bought her some time to recharge Ki while Zamasu was knocked back, then Vanished in to start a combo! WALLACE converted his momentum into a Rising Rush on Zamasu, but DIEGO picked the right card again! He fought back with a combo that led into a “Fierce God Slicer”, but before long WALLACE was back in control.

WALLACE threatened to finish off DIEGO’s Zamasu so Cell cover changed in to save his life, albeit at the cost of his own. DIEGO was now 1v2 with only Zamasu. There was a momentary stand-off, then DIEGO fired a Blast Arts…but WALLACE evaded! He used his Zamasu to start a combo and break through DIEGO’s “Immortal Body”, then fortunately had exactly enough Ki and cards in hand to take it all the way to the end!



DIEGO: “It was a tough match. I’d played against WALLACE before so I knew he was going to be strong, and he was over me the whole time.”

Though this hard-fought match ended in defeat, DIEGO fought commendably and respectfully to the very end.

WALLACE: “I was in good condition this game so I was able to enjoying playing. If I win my next match, I’ll be able to face the player I lost to earlier so I’m gonna give it my best shot.”

With a rematch with MASAKATSU on his mind, an awakened WALLACE moves on to LOSERS ROUND 4!

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