Welcome to the 2nd Match of WINNERS SEMIFINALS!
We’re about to see the French warrior NA-KAEL-08 go up against the formidable MILCOOL from Japan who is yet to lose a game this whole tournament!

MILCOOL has put on an overwhelming performance so far today and astonished us all as his flame continues to burn brighter with each game.

NA-KAEL-08 has also shown us many great plays throughout his journey to the WINNERS SEMIFINALS with his amazing reads. In his post-game interview last round, he told us that he was confident that he could become champion of this tournament, but how will he fare against the undefeated MILCOOL?

The arena was positively overflowing with excitement surrounding the confrontation between these two players.


MILCOOL’s Team and Battle Members

NA-KAEL-08’s Team and Battle Members

MILCOOL’s Girls team has fared him well so far in the tournament and we saw him take them once more into this game. At the other table, NA-KAEL-08 had locked in his Future/Regen hybrid party, and the game opened with both players’ Mais on the battlefield.

Though NA-KAEL-08 won the first combo, MILCOOL was the one who took the early-game lead! Pushing back at NA-KAEL-08, MILCOOL put the pressure on Lord Slug with Ribrianne’s Main Ability. Now that Cell couldn’t interfere with his “Cover: Rescue”, MILCOOL flipped the switch on “Ribrianne Eternal Love”! Slug came out with his health bar in the orange zone, but fortunately avoided being Paralyzed.

Next MILCOOL tagged out to Mai and fired off her “Full Charge Shot”! MILCOOL had thought that Lord Slug would use a Blast Arts and hoped to pierce through it with the Special Move, but NA-KAEL-08 must have read this play because he stayed his hand and evaded!


NA-KAEL-08 then went on the assault. Capitalizing on the read, he sent Slug to attack and tagged out to Mai mid-combo who extended it into a Rising Rush against Great Saiyaman 2! This could have generated a solid lead for NA-KAEL-08, but his hopes were crushed when MILCOOL picked the right card to counter the Rush! Devastated but not wanting to be on the receiving end of a long punish combo, NA-KAEL-08 pushed the eject button with Cell’s “Cover: Rescue” to save Mai and reset the board.

Next the game took an unfavorable turn for NA-KAEL-08. He looked to be finding a strong pace with Lord Slug hammering down on Great Saiyaman 2 and Ribrianne, but when he tried to recover some Ki mid-combo by tagging into Mai, he dropped the combo allowing MILCOOL to Vanish out! NA-KAEL-08’s Mai was already on low health after her Rising Rush was countered earlier, and so was easily finished off when MILCOOL took to task.

The game was now strongly favoring MILCOOL who set his deadly sights on Lord Slug. Finding two “Flash Bang” to weave extra draw time and Ki regain with his Mai, MILCOOL was able to string together an almost leisurely combo on the Namekian and knock him out of the game. All this with his Rising Rush still tucked safely up his sleeve.

Cell came out next and did his best for NA-KAEL-08, but it wasn’t enough. After first relieving Cell of his Vanishing Step, all MILCOOL had to do was tap the Rising Rush button to seal his fate. The Rush went through to K.O. Cell, and MILCOOL found victory in GAME 1!



MILCOOL’s Team and Battle Members

NA-KAEL-08’s Team and Battle Members

Both competitors took the same teams into GAME 2 as in GAME 1: MILCOOL with Girls, NA-KAEL-08 with Future/Regen. However, in lieu of Lord Slug, who has a favorable matchup against Great Saiyaman 2, NA-KAEL-08 brought along Buu: Super this time for his advantage over Mai. This was a game NA-KAEL-08 needed to win at all costs.

MILCOOL too, however, sought victory and gave NA-KAEL-08 no quarter! He used his Mai and Great Saiyaman 2 to great effect, crippling NA-KAEL-08’s Mai’s health with incredible speed. Eventually, NA-KAEL-08 decided it was getting too hot and used Cell’s “Cover: Rescue” to break MILCOOL’s momentum.

NA-KAEL-08 was able to find an opening and struck. MILCOOL switched in Mai just as Buu used his Immobilizing “Vice Shout”, stopping her dead in her tracks. Now it was time for Buu to do what he came for! He unleashed his devastating Ultimate “Mystic Ball Attack” on Mai hoping for an early knockout, but she was able to escape with her life and used her Main Ability to heal up before switching out.

Great Saiyaman 2 was MILCOOL’s next fighter and she hit the field to face NA-KAEL-08’s Mai. Patiently holding onto his Rising Rush, MILCOOL found a window to strike and comboed Arts together to eventually eliminate Mai from the game.


The game continued to tilt in MILCOOL’s favor. He managed to calmly avoid Buu’s “Assault Rain” by staying at long-range, then got his Great Saiyaman 2 out of harm’s way when NA-KAEL-08 launched a Rising Rush with Cell! It wasn’t a complete success, though, because when he switched into Mai with hopes of using her Vanishing Step to evade the Rush, he was a fraction too slow and Mai took full damage, knocking her out!

Even still, MILCOOL maintained his advantage, because while the fighter count was 2v2, MILCOOL still had his Rising Rush to work with.

The fighter to replace Mai and face Cell was Ribrianne. Cell dodged a Ki barrage from the warrior of love then switched out to Buu, trying to get a second Vanishing Step in but was too slow! Ribrianne attacked again, this time making contact, and converted with Rising Rush! In one combo Buu was struck down from full HP, landing NA-KAEL-08 in a very tough spot.

With his opponent now down to only Cell, MILCOOL switched in Great Saiyaman 2 for the Elemental advantage. NA-KAEL-08 made a good read and patiently delayed his attack to catch MILCOOL wide open, but even Cell’s normally devastating “Solar Kamehameha” did little good against the caped heroine.

Knowing his opponent would run out of steam before downing Great Saiyaman 2, MILCOOL kept cool, biding his time and waiting for a clean shot. Once Cell was without his Vanishing Step and presumably out of Arts cards, MILCOOL started a combo then sent Great Saiyaman 2’s “Justice Strike” to finish the job. Cell went down and MILCOOL added another notch to his zero-losses belt!



NA-KAEL-08: “It was a lot tougher than I thought. It was a really crazy match, but if I get the chance I’d love another shot with MILCOOL.”

The road to revenge is still open to NA-KAEL-08! LOSERS ROUND 4 awaits.

MILCOOL: “I’ve come this far, I want to take it all the way. I’ll give it all I’ve got!”

Another win locked in, the invincible MILCOOL heads off to the WINNERS FINALS!

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