It’s the final match of LOSERS ROUND 2!
WALLACE and SHENYAO, two warriors from Taiwan will go head-to-head to decide who will advance, and who will be knocked out.

Let’s find out who the goddess of victory smiles upon today!


WALLACE’s Team and Battle Members

SHENYAO’s Team and Battle Members

SHENYAO pulled out his SON Family team to take on WALLACE’s Girls/Regen hybrid. This matchup tends to lean in Girls/Regen’s favor, but with Videl’s absence in WALLACE’s party and not deploying Chi-Chi as a battle member, would Zamasu’s anti-Saiyan ability be enough?

Either way, WALLACE looked to be giving it his best shot! He made a patient delay move first up and converted into a 37 hit combo against SHENYAO’s Goku with Mai and Ribrianne. When Goku struck back against the blue maiden, WALLACE cover changed to Zamasu for his damage reduction. SHENYAO followed up by tagging in Goten for a couple of juicy Blast Arts then resetting for another short combo. WALLACE had his Rising Rush ready, so he tried pulling a quick switch into Ribrianne and using her Main Ability to trap Goten in and stop SHENYAO from cover changing, but SHENYAO happened to switch at the same time into his RED Gohan who got locked in instead!

This was a huge moment for WALLACE. Having by chance swap-locked his opponent’s end-game monster RED Gohan with Ribrianne and her Ultimate, Rising Rush, and Elemental advantage, this could decide the whole game. He got a hit-confirm with a Blast Arts and went for the Rising Rush! WALLACE picked Special Skill, and SHENYAO picked…Strike! The Rising Rush went through and downed RED Gohan, granting WALLACE a massive advantage.


SHENYAO tried to push back but WALLACE wouldn’t give an inch. The hope for SHENYAO’s comeback was his Rising Rush, but WALLACE played around it by saving his Vanishing Step and was able to evade. SHENYAO did manage to lay some damage onto WALLACE’s team, but with Zamasu and Mai’s Main Abilities both still available to heal, the health wall was too high to overcome. To make matters worse, Zamasu came in for a “Fierce God Slicer” to eliminate Goku, leaving Goten in a 1v3.

Goten did manage to take out Ribrianne but used all of his resources to do so, making it easy for Zamasu finish the game off with a combo and Rising Rush.



WALLACE’s Team and Battle Members

SHENYAO’s Team and Battle Members

WALLACE kicked things off again in GAME 2 with another big combo complements of Mai and Ribrianne. He managed to bait a Vanishing Step with a Tap Shot and started a new combo which led into a Rising Rush against SHENYAO’s RED Gohan! Suffering another tragic early-game loss of Gohan would seriously hurt SHENYAO’s chances at winning this game, but luckily he won the card pick and launched a counterattack!

WALLACE still had his mind on taking Gohan out of the game, so he used Ribrianne’s Main Ability in an attempt to once again trap him in. However, SHENYAO had no desire to see a repeat of last game, and saw the move coming! When it looked as though WALLACE might activate it, he quickly swapped into Goku who was trapped instead! Goku then went all out on Ribrianne with a combo followed by a great Vanishing Step read into another combo, succeeding in not only saving Gohan’s life but also putting out some heavy damage.

SHENYAO’s rampage continued with Goten who threatened WALLACE’s Zamasu with a “Family Kamehameha”, but the attack was unfortunately interrupted during its windup with a Strike Arts.


From here, both players were trading blows with each other but also skillfully distributing damage throughout their team to avoid losing any fighters.

The next big shift came when WALLACE K.O.’d RED Gohan. SHENYAO tried to make a double Vanishing Step move by switching in Gohan after dodging with Goten, but WALLACE saw the play coming and cancelled into Tap Attacks which were enough to finish off the already low HP Gohan.

Zamasu then healed the team with his Main Ability before hitting Goku with a “Fierce God Slicer” for a big chunk of damage, then switched out to Mai who also used her Main Ability to heal. In an instant, the generally even trading and health loss was turned around and all three of WALLACE’s fighters were all back in green health! It only got worse for SHENYAO afterwards when he tried to even the playing field a little with his Rising Rush against Ribrianne but was countered. Ribrianne struck back and it was Goku who ended up being knocked out!

SHENYAO found himself experiencing a bout of Deja vu, once again down to only his Goten to defend against WALLACE’s full team. Just as with last game, Goten managed to do away with Ribrianne, but was soon afterwards finished off by Zamasu and Mai.



SHENYAO: “I’m about 80% satisfied with today’s matches. I wish I could’ve tried just a little bit harder.”

Even at 80% of his power, we were 100% impressed! Great effort today from SHENYAO.

WALLACE: “I’m actually less nervous now having lost a round, I feel more comfortable playing now.”

Now rid of his nerves, we’ve seen WALLACE’s true power! We look forward to seeing more of WALLACE’s heroic comeback in LOSERS ROUND 3!

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