It’s the third match of the WINNERS TOP 8!
This time we have Taiwan’s THOMASTSAI going up against Japan’s MILCOOL. Both of these SHOWDOWN favorites have clean 2-0 records coming out of Round 1, but someone has to lose here. Who will maintain their victory rush and reach the WINNERS SEMIFINALS?


THOMASTSAI’s Team and Battle Members

MILCOOL’s Team and Battle Members

First up was THOMASTSAI’s Girls/Regenerations hybrid build versus MILCOOL’s pure Girls.

MILCOOL led the early-game with an absolutely explosive offense. Shuffling through his characters like a deck of cards and masterfully weaving attacks into baits into punishes one after another, MILCOOL crashed over THOMASTSAI like a tidal wave. He went in for the kill by locking Zamasu with Ribrianne’s Main Ability then blasting through his “Immortal Body” with “Ribrianne Eternal Love”!

Let’s take a closer look at a part of MILCOOL’s strategy. Chi-Chi’s Blast Arts and Tap Shots animations are almost identical, making it difficult to know how to respond to her threats of attack. MILCOOL uses this aspect of Chi-Chi’s kit to bait his opponents, and then punish them with another attack. Using this strategy, he can force opponents to use their resources while saving his own and generate advantage for himself.

THOMASTSAI was unfazed, however, and when the opportunity presented itself he struck without hesitation! His Perfect Cell was successful in baiting the opponent with a Forward Dash and met Mai with a hit-confirming Blast Arts before going for a Rising Rush, which spun MILCOOL’s future heroine back to the stone age! One down, two to go for THOMASTSAI.


But MILCOOL wasn’t getting beaten, he was getting angry! Ribrianne hit the battlefield powered up by her “A Maiden’s Rage” thanks to Mai’s downfall and treated Cell to a thorough trouncing. THOMASTSAI soon cover-changed into Zamasu who got more than he bargained for when the combo kept going until eventually being capped off by Chi-Chi’s “Whirlwind Impact”! Zamasu survived the squall but a follow-up combo from Chi-Chi and Ribrianne sealed his fate.

Now having evened the fighter count, MILCOOL wasn’t letting up. THOMASTSAI’s Cell had a brief staredown with Ribrianne before being caught and having to cover-change into Mai, who MILCOOL pursued with Chi-Chi. The combo led into a Rising Rush from MILCOOL which went uncontested and took THOMASTSAI’s Mai out of the game for good.

Cell was the only fighter THOMASTSAI had left standing, but with his already low HP it was a breeze for Chi-Chi to blow him away with her blustering Blast Arts.

MILCOOL takes GAME 1 with a comeback!



THOMASTSAI’s Team and Battle Members

MILCOOL’s Team and Battle Members

Both competitors took the same teams into battle as in GAME 1 but with a couple of battle member substitutions: THOMASTSAI traded Cell and Zamasu for EX Mai and Ribrianne, and MILCOOL opted for Great Saiyaman 2 over Chi-Chi.

In the early-game, both players were cycling well to Vanishing Step where possible and spread damage when things looked rough. With both competitors expertly navigating the battle and answering each other’s threats appropriately, they danced onward into the mid-game.

The first clear sense of a lead went to MILCOOL. After starting a combo with his Mai on THOMASTSAI’s EX Mai he decided to make a push with the Special Move card in his hand, so he tagged into Ribrianne and fired off a “Pretty Cannon”! MILCOOL continued to pile damage onto his opponent, but THOMASTSAI stayed cool and was able to spread it between his Mai duo.

MILCOOL eventually decided that his opponent having two Mai’s to his one was no fair and made a play. First locking THOMASTSAI’s SP Mai in with Ribrianne’s Main Ability, he then unleashed her Ultimate “Ribrianne Eternal Love” and got the Paralyze! The Paralyze prevailed with impeccable timing as MILCOOL switched to Great Saiyaman 2 and capitalized, taking Mai out with an easy Strike Arts.


THOMASTSAI’s remaining EX Mai hit the battlefield with extremely low health, but he kept his cool and initiated a combo with “Flash Bang” to safely switch into his full HP Ribrianne. He kept the combo live while using Ribrianne’s Main Ability to finish off MILCOOL’s Great Saiyaman 2 with “Ribrianne Eternal Love”!

MILCOOL’s Ribrianne then came out and poked with a Tap Shot. THOMASTSAI took the bait and used his Vanishing Step then was met with an up close and personal Rising Rush! It was a great move by MILCOOL, but unfortunately the Ribrianne-on-Ribrianne Rush was stopped short with a heartbreaking correct pick by THOMASTSAI, who then took the initiative to launch an RR of his own! THOMASTSAI’s Rush went through and was more than enough to take down MILCOOL’s Ribrianne.

The game was now down to a 2v1 in THOMASTSAI’s favor, but not for long. THOMASTSAI switched from Ribrianne into Mai who was already a Tap Attack’s worth of damage away from death’s door, and got caught unloading her shotgun into empty air after MILCOOL’s Vanishing Step followed by a finishing Strike Arts.

MILCOOL’s Mai was now staring down the barrel of a 1v1 duel with THOMASTSAI’s Ribrianne who was sporting a whopping +110% to Strike damage from “A Maiden’s Rage” alone. Though even in the face of such an intimidating opponent, MILCOOL remained calm and collected. The second THOMASTSAI tried to use his Blast Arts, MILCOOL reacted like lightning with a “Flash Bang” to interrupt and start a combo. Even with the Elemental advantage over Ribrianne, a full hand of Arts only took Ribrianne from half health down to one quarter. But then after the combo had ended and THOMASTSAI looked to counterattack with his own, MILCOOL found another “Flash Bang” off the top! Again with supernatural speed, the Japanese warrior interrupted his opponent’s Blast Arts and unloaded on Ribrianne. THOMASTSAI was given one last chance to attack but couldn’t lay a finger on MILCOOL’s Mai, who slipped by with her Vanishing Step then converted into a Strike Arts to end the match!



THOMASTSAI: “My opponent was very strong.”

2-0’ing a 2-0’er, MILCOOL is one to be feared in this tournament.

MILCOOL: “I thought I was going to lose in GAME 2 when THOMASTSAI picked my Rising Rush, but somehow I pulled it together and won.”

MILCOOL emerges from the WINNERS TOP 8 still undefeated and sets his sights on the WINNERS SEMIFINALS!

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