This match we have a USA vs USA civil war with DIEGO versus MICHAEL C. Even though they’re both fighting on home soil, only one can win and the other will be sent home.


DIEGO’s Team and Battle Members

MICHAEL C’s Team and Battle Members

MICHAEL C’s SON Family team was well equipped to face DIEGO’s Regenerations squad, especially with his choice to bring in RED Gohan instead of BLU to reduce damage from any Regen characters, such as his old nemesis, Cell.

With his aggressive SON team, MICHAEL C was first to go on the offense as you’d expect against the defensive Regenerators. He quickly built up his Rising Rush with hopes of taking DIEGO’s Cell out of the game early, but Zamasu was cover changed in and mitigated a lot of the damage with his Unique Ability.

Now not having to fear a Rising Rush punish, DIEGO leaned harder into offensive play. He was able to scrape some health away from RED Gohan using Lord Slug and Cell, but when he tried to whip out the big guns with his Rising Rush, MICHAEL C made a cover change and the Rush hit Goku instead!

Goku was already low, and with no chance of survival after failing to pick DIEGO’s card, the Saiyan went down and passed on his power to his sons.

RED Gohan hit the battlefield and started laying into Zamasu. His furious assault broke Zamasu’s Endurance effect from “Immortal Body” and then some, but the Kai survived and used his Main Ability to heal before tagging out to Lord Slug.


Zamasu was soon defeated by Goten, but let’s take a look at DIEGO’s strategy here. By throwing a Special Move at MICHAEL C’s Goten, Zamasu was able to force him to use up his Vanishing Step. With his only other fighter being a low health RED Gohan who he would want to save for last, Goten would now have no choice but to grit his teeth and take whatever Lord Slug came out with! And what did the Super Namekian bring to the table other than a second serving of Rising Rush from chef DIEGO! Goten went down and DIEGO took the lead.

Now facing a 1v2, MICHAEL C went all in against Slug with RED Gohan’s Rising Rush! But DIEGO’s earlier save on Cell by Zamasu paid off, because he was able to completely negate the Rush with Cell’s “Cover: Rescue”! Cell then called forth his “Solar Kamehameha” and “Super Kamehameha” for a spectacular finish to GAME 1.



DIEGO’s Team and Battle Members

MICHAEL C’s Team and Battle Members

DIEGO stuck with his successful Regen monsters for GAME 2, while MICHAEL C opted to shake things up by bringing his Future team to the fight. The battle could go either way, but with the Regen-killer Trunks in MICHAEL C’s party, the tides may favor the Future side this game.

When Trunks came out in the early-game, he showed DIEGO just how much his “Anti-Regeneration” ability stings. Mowing away at Zamasu’s health, he made a great delayed attack to catch DIEGO side-stepping and reset the combo! He popped “Immortal Body” with ease and swapped out to Mai for a Ki reload with hopes of finishing the job, but Cell intervened and saved Zamasu from a “Flash Bang” with his “Cover: Rescue”.


DIEGO needed a way back into the game and found it with Cell’s “Perfect Shot” which led into a Rising Rush against MICHAEL C’s Mai! But MICHAEL C saw it coming and made a quick move to save his crucial Future fighter by cover changing into Future Gohan to take the fall.

Gohan was blown away, activating “Passing on the Will” to strengthen Trunks and Mai. Having chosen quality over quantity, MICHAEL C now stood 2v3 against DIEGO’s Regenerators.

MICHAEL C next made a great trap play with Mai. He had both his Special Move and Rising Rush Ready, so he baited out DIEGO’s Vanishing Step with the former and followed it up immediately with the latter to guarantee the hit! Unfortunately for MICHAEL C he lost the card guess and the Rush was countered.

DIEGO’s Cell led the counterattack and applied strong pressure to Mai. He fired off his “Solar Kamehameha”, but MICHAEL C had Trunks dive in front of it to save her. He was left with a third of his health bar but was also rendered unconscious with Faint!

Cell took the advantage and finished off Trunks. Then Mai, unable to deal with all three of DIEGO’s fighters, followed her companion’s fate soon after. DIEGO wins!



DIEGO: “It was intense like every other match I played. I won the second round with a bit of luck as I guessed his Rising Rush, but I enjoyed every single game.”

MICHAEL C: “We were evenly skilled so it came down to Rising Rush and luck of the cards.”

Both players spoke of the closeness of the games due to their even power levels.

Taking the match with his Rising Rushes, we’ll see DIEGO next in LOSERS ROUND 3!

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