We’ve now arrived at the Winners Semifinals! For the first match, MASAKATSU and CHICKEN319, two of Japan’s three representative players, will go head to head for their right to advance to the Winners Finals!

Japan’s other competitor, MILCOOL, currently awaits his Winners Semifinals match against France’s NA-KAEL-08, meaning all three of Japan’s players have made the top cut! But for MASAKATSU and CHICKEN319, there can be only one winner here.

The arena is set, the spotlights are shining, its SHOWDOWN time!


MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

CHICKEN319’s Team and Battle Members

Game 1 started off with both players playing carefully and spaced apart. CHICKEN319 was able to take one combo on MASAKATSU’s Goten, but this stage of the game seemed to be primarily focused on feeling each other out.

Then things started to heat up. CHICKEN319 found a window to attack and sent a “Super Kamehameha” with his RED Gohan through one of Goten’s Blast Arts for decent damage, and with that icebreaker the floodgates were open! MASAKATSU sent a Blast Arts to counterattack and read CHICKEN319’s Vanishing Step to catch him with a Rising Rush! The huge Rush damage went through and K.O.’d CHICKEN319’s Goten, granting MASAKATSU an instant lead.

There was a brief post-Rush scuffle, then both sides returned to their corners and the poke-game began anew.

Soon after, both BLU Gohans were out on the field trying to find a way in. CHICKEN319 got some damage in and MASAKATSU switched to his Goten, looking to work on his opponent’s defensive BLU Gohan. CHICKEN319 switched to RED Gohan and MASAKATSU tried for Goten’s “Family Kamehameha”, but most of the damage was mitigated when BLU Gohan cover-changed back in! MASAKATSU tagged out, and once again we had a BLU Gohan duel. CHICKEN319 got the better of the exchange and kept the pressure on when MASAKATSU changed back into his low-health Goten, landing another combo and knocking him out. With both players down a Goten, the game was now an almost even 2v2.


The BLU Gohans were back at it again, but this time they’d settle the score. CHICKEN319 landed a “Masenko” and tried to convert into a Rising Rush, but MASAKATSU had enough time to dodge! He used his Vanishing Step, and where usually the player whose Rising Rush was dodged could follow up with an Arts Card, MASAKATSU used his own Rising Rush which takes priority! The Rush hit its mark and CHICKEN319’s BLU Gohan was sent packing! MASAKATSU now lead 2v1.

The next clone duel was RED Gohans! However, MASAKATSU already had the health advantage, and it only took one combo topped off with a stylish “Father-Son Kamehameha” LEGENDARY FINISH to end the game.



MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

CHICKEN319’s Team and Battle Members

Both competitors again took the same battle members into Game 2, but this time they had kicked up the pace!

CHICKEN319 must have ascended to his next form between games, because now he looked to be in complete control of the battle! He scored two long combos in a row, and finished the second one off with Goten’s “Family Kamehameha”! MASAKATSU’s Goten was the one who took the blow, leaving him with around 10% HP. CHICKEN319 did his best to home in on his opponent for a third combo, but MASAKATSU was able to win the Vanishing Step war and started a combo with his RED Gohan!

After that both sides retreated back to long range for a momentary breather. MASAKATSU and CHICKEN319 showed masterful control and patience with their proceeding exchanges, doing their best to take as much health and resources away from each other as possible, while taking great care to not overcommit for which they’d be heavily punished.

The first K.O. came after MASAKATSU landed his BLU Gohan’s “Family Kamehameha”, but it wasn’t CHICKEN319 who lost a fighter! After the Ultimate, MASAKATSU switched into his Goten but was caught by a quick Blast Arts from CHICKEN319 which went on to down the young SON Family fighter!

CHICKEN319 went on to carefully spread MASAKATSU’s counterattack damage around his 3 battle members to maintain his advantage then launch another attack. After slipping past a “Masenko”, he used his RED Gohan and Goten to string together a combo strong enough to take out MASAKATSU’s BLU Gohan without having to spend his Rising Rush!

Now that MASAKATSU’s RED Gohan had nobody left to protect him, all CHICKEN319 needed was a window to land his Rush and close out the game. He found his chance after hit-confirming with a Blast Arts and went in! Holding out on his Rising Rush for so long paid off in the end, because CHICKEN319 won the card ante and defeated RED Gohan from full health to take Game 2.



MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

CHICKEN319’s Team and Battle Members

We’ve now come down to the line to decide who will advance to the Winners Final. Showing complete confidence in their parties, both players again bought the same teams into Game 3.

CHICKEN319’s skillful offense dominated the early game. Landing an early Special Move and connecting combos, CHICKEN319 swiftly chiseled away at MASAKATSU’s fighters. Luck also seemed to be on his side as MASAKATSU’s RED Gohan was inflicted with the Paralysis Goten brings on one of his held Blast Arts cards!

MASAKATSU finally found a window to strike, but in a cruel twist of fate fell victim to a tick of Paralysis mid-combo! CHICKEN319 capitalized and started a combo, and needing to save his RED Gohan for the late-game, MASAKATSU cover-changed out to Goten, but the super Saiyan youngster bit the dust when the combo fed into a lethal Ultimate.

CHICKEN319 now lead 3v2, but MASAKATSU was resolute. MASAKATSU was now doing his best to apply pressure, but CHICKEN319 was able to calmly deal with his threats, spreading damage around and using cover change damage reduction with his BLU and RED Gohans wherever possible. Then an opening appeared! MASAKATSU baited out CHICKEN319’s Vanishing Step with a cancelled Strike Arts and tried for a Rising Rush! If this went through, it would mean huge damage or potentially a K.O. on CHICKEN319’s RED Gohan.


But it was not to be! CHICKEN319 responded with a switch-into-Vanishing Step to evade! Not being the kind of move one can usually make off the cuff, CHICKEN319 had surely anticipated this move of MASAKATSU, and already had this countermeasure ready to go. Then, riding the wave of momentum generation by his forward thinking, CHICKEN319 went on to unleash a Rising Rush of his own and getting the Rising K.O. MASAKATSU’s crucial RED Gohan!

Now there was only MASAKATSU’s BLU Gohan to stand against CHICKEN319’s 3-man SON team. MASAKATSU did as much as one can in a dire situation like this, but before long a bout of Paralysis left him defenseless and he found himself finished off by a quick combo.
At 2 games to 1, CHICKEN319 takes the match with a reverse sweep!


CHICKEN319 Wins!

MASAKATSU: “I got hit by that Paralysis twice with pretty bad timing there in Game 3, it was unlucky. It wasn’t exactly the way I’d have liked things to go.”

Suffering a painful loss, MASAKATSU must now make like Gohan and “Turn Regret into Power” to conquer the Losers bracket if he hopes for another shot at glory.

CHICKEN319: “Having lost Game 1, I’m really happy that I was able to come back and win Games 2 and 3.”

After putting on an excellent display for us this match from start to finish, only 2 more victories stand between CHICKEN319 and being the world’s #1 competitor.

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