Here we go with the LOSERS ROUND 2!
This round is made up of competitors who lost in the WINNERS TOP 8 versus the winners of LOSERS ROUND 1.
First up, we have Taiwan’s THOMASTSAI facing France’s ICHIZOKU!

Nerves are running high in the Losers Bracket where loss means being knocked out completely. There’s only one way to stay in the running: Win.
LOSERS ROUND 2 MATCH 2 begins now!


THOMASTSAI’s Team and Battle Members

ICHIZOKU’s Team and Battle Members

After some trading in the early-game, ICHIZOKU was first to make an impact. Rendering his opponent completely defenseless with Mai’s “Flash Bang”, he went for a Rising Rush! THOMASTSAI’s Mai was the one who ate the damage, but it wasn’t enough to take her out of the game just yet.

As long as Mai can still be switched in and out for her powerful support effects, she still has work to do. THOMASTSAI tried to switch her in safely and do some damage while she could, but she overstayed her welcome and was taken out by ICHIZOKU’s Great Saiyaman 2!

Now THOMASTSAI took his turn. He started stacking up damage with his Zamasu, but held off on his Rising Rush, preferring to save it for a healthier target rather than overkill. His chance came when ICHIZOKU cover changed into his full HP Mai. THOMASTSAI tagged into Cell and fired the Rush! It was a good play, but he ended up losing the card pick and found himself on the receiving end of a counterattack. By the end of ICHIZOKU’s assault, THOMASTSAI’s Cell was dangerously low on HP thanks to Great Saiyaman 2’s “Justice Strike”.


Let’s take a closer look at ICHIZOKU’s play here. He had the option to use a Strike Arts before Great Saiyaman 2’s Special Move for a longer combo and more damage, but as Cell was currently in the middle of an attack animation, THOMASTSAI would not be able to cover-change with Zamasu for his damage reduction effect. So instead of using the Strike Arts first, he sacrificed some potential extra damage to guarantee that “Justice Strike” did its full damage, and to its intended target, Cell. Great play! The pace then slowed down a little while both players made some space and started poking.

Across a few trades, it started to look like ICHIZOKU was getting the better of his opponent. He first forced THOMASTSAI’s Zamasu to activate “Immortal Body”, and then with an incredibly disciplined sequence where he forced two Vanishing Steps from THOMASTSAI before using his own to get initiative back, introduced Cell to Great Saiyaman 2’s iron fists of justice for the K.O.! THOMASTSAI’s Zamasu was now all alone and with no Endurance effect or Main Ability to work with, and was briskly knocked out by the femme fatale trio.

GAME 1 goes to ICHIZOKU!



THOMASTSAI’s Team and Battle Members

ICHIZOKU’s Team and Battle Members

ICHIZOKU and his Girls squad were off to a flying start in the early stages of GAME 2. Mai ignited a combo then passed the baton along with some extra Ki to Ribrianne who kept the blows coming. ICHIZOKU’s next combo started as quickly as the first ended with a dazzling Vanish-switch-Vanish movement to catch Zamasu swinging at thin air. Great Saiyaman 2 wasn’t going to let Zamasu escape the long arm of justice and gave him a righteous drilling which went all the way through his “Immortal Body” and didn’t let up until he was down for the count!

The game was looking very one-sided with all of ICHIZOKU’s fighters still in tip-top shape, but give THOMASTSAI an inch and he’ll take a mile! First he kicked off a characteristically long Mai combo against ICHIZOKU’s Mai which kept going even when Great Saiyaman 2 flew in with a cover change. ICHIZOKU tried to counterattack but THOMASTSAI’s nerves of titanium shone through when he delayed his Vanishing Step with great restraint until just the right moment to dodge and start another combo. Then Ribrianne jumped in and trapped Great Saiyaman 2 on the battlefield with her Main Ability to leverage her Elemental advantage. Great Saiyaman 2 grit her teeth and survived a “Ribrianne Eternal Love” but was given Paralysis for her trouble, which ticked at the exact moment THOMASTSAI fired off a “Pretty Cannon” resulting in a K.O.!

THOMASTSAI was now on a roll with Ribrianne and tried to take out ICHIZOKU’s Mai with a Rising Rush. However, ICHIZOKU guessed the right card and was able to counterattack!

He then fired off his own Rising Rush, which was then in turn countered by THOMASTSAI, putting them back to where they started!


Both competitors were now scrambling to scrape together some semblance of advantage over each other, and the one to come out of the scrap on top was ICHIZOKU! He sent his Ribrianne after THOMASTSAI’s Mai and carefully controlled his Ki supply to be able to finish her off with “Ribrianne Eternal Love”!

After a Ki resupply from Mai, ICHIZOKU switched back to meet THOMASTSAI’s Ribrianne with his own for the final showdown. He found his moment when THOMASTSAI was about to send some love his way with a “Pretty Cannon” and dodged out of a Strike Arts in time, and from there it was just a few Arts cards to finish off his opponent and take the match.




THOMASTSAI: “I wanted to give my all this match, but I don’t think I was playing at 100%. Though I guess I can accept the result.”

It’s fair to say that most players dread being unable to put up their best fight when it comes to a main event. Even if it wasn’t his full power, we applaud THOMASTSAI for his excellent performance!

ICHIZOKU: “I’m really happy. I was feeling pretty nervous before but now I’ve got my confidence back. I came here to play against strong opponents, and everyone here is very good so I’m satisfied.”

Continuing his search for powerful rivals, ICHIZOKU heads off to LOSERS ROUND 3!

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