We’ve reached the last match of the WINNERS TOP 8!
In this feature match, USA’s SMG and France’s NA-KAEL-08 will vie for the final seat in the WINNERS SEMIFINALS.

Win this match, and only two more victories after that will land them in the GRAND FINAL.
Lose now, and the steep climb back from LOSERS ROUND 2 awaits.

Who will take one step closer to world supremacy?!


SMG’s Team and Battle Members

NA-KAEL-08’s Team and Battle Members

Both competitors started the game aggressively. NA-KAEL-08 was able to relieve SMG’s Goten of half his health bar, then after a few exchanges fired off an early Rising Rush against RED Gohan! Gohan was blasted into yellow health but not down for the count yet.

SMG tried to come back with his Rising Rush but was Vanishing Stepped by NA-KAEL-08’s quickly switched in Mai. SMG was still able to start a combo thanks to Rising Rush’s post-dodge priority and lashed Mai down to half health, then finished her off with a “Father-Son Kamehameha”! Having eliminated a core member of NA-KAEL-08’s Future/Hybrids team, SMG was in the lead.

NA-KAEL-08 now went on the offensive looking to even the fighter count. He threatened Goten with Youth Gohan’s frightening Blast damage from “I’ll give it my best!”, so SMG cover-changed into his Goku, being the one fighter SON Family parties don’t mind losing first. Running out of Arts Cards, NA-KAEL-08 tagged out into YEL Future Gohan for an assertive “Explosive Kick Wave” Ultimate! Goku was K.O.’d but you’d hardly call that a setback as his spirit would live on in SMG’s remaining members thanks to “Proud Inheritance”!

At 2v2 the game could go either way. SMG’s Goten dropped in and started chunking his big brother’s health away with meaty Blast Arts one after another. Meeting brute force with finesse, NA-KAEL-08 made some masterful reads to dance around SMG’s attacks and ended up spearing through one of Goten’s Blast Arts with RED Gohan’s “Super Kamehameha”! Goten went down, and NA-KAEL-08 was now up 2v1.

SMG’s Youth Gohan hit the battlefield with a fury and melted away most of NA-KAEL-08’s Future Gohan’s health bar. NA-KAEL-08 tried to resist but before long Future Gohan bit the dust and the game came to a 1v1 Youth Gohan showdown. However, NA-KAEL-08 had an ace up his sleeve in the form of a Rising Rush which did the trick and secured his victory!

SMG 0-1 NA-KAEL-08


SMG’s Team and Battle Members

NA-KAEL-08’s Team and Battle Members

Both players took the same parties and battle members as in GAME 1, but would the outcome be different this time?

The first combo was put together by NA-KAEL-08. Interrupting SMG’s Goten mid-Blast Arts with his Mai’s “Flash Bang”, he managed to lay down some decent damage and followed his opponent’s cover changes to maintain the Elemental advantage wherever possible. NA-KAEL-08 continued his evasive plays and was able to start another threatening combo by reading SMG’s play with Goku and punishing accordingly. Before that combo was over, NA-KAEL-08 had his Rising Rush ready to blow, and after tagging into RED Gohan unleashed it on SMG’s Goten!

This Rush could’ve spelt the end for Goten, but both players picked the Special Move card and SMG was able to counterattack!

He started with some seriously painful Blast Arts from Goten, and then launched into his own Rising Rush! With RED Gohan hurting from his little brother’s blasts, a successful Rush here would mean a premature loss of NA-KAEL-08’s late-game powerhouse. Knowing this, NA-KAEL-08 cover-changed into Future Gohan at the last second who was struck down 100 to 0.

Although, if you’re going to throw anyone under the Rising Rush bus, it might as well be a fighter like Future Gohan who buffs the team when defeated! NA-KAEL-08 now changed the game back to his own pace and found his earlier rhythm of dodging and punishing, even showing some nice defensive play by throwing mutual Blast Arts to block when he was out of Vanishing Gauge. By that same tactic, the competitors found themselves in a Strike Arts Dokibaki Impact!

Coming out on top with a 997 was…NA-KAEL-08!
Following up with a combo, he saw a chance to eliminate SMG’s Youth Gohan and took it. He loaded up his own Youth Gohan’s Ultimate “Father-Son Kamehameha” and pulled the trigger, but SMG saw it coming and cover-changed into his Goten! Goten fell to the attack, evening the fighter count, but with SMG’s characters already at very low health, Goku on exactly 1HP, NA-KAEL-08 had a clear lead. NA-KAEL-08 wanted to save his RED Gohan for last just in case and switched into Mai to deal with SMG’s 2 remaining characters believing that she would be more than enough, especially considering she still had her Main Ability heal available.

But then the unthinkable unfolded before our very eyes.
SMG sent out his Goku to be K.O.’d to buff his son, and maybe chip some health off Mai if he was lucky…or so we thought! In reality, Goku came out with an absolute vengeance and after forcing Mai to heal with “Resistance Command”, he read her “Flash Bang” play and followed up with a punish that made her easy pickings for Youth Gohan to clean up after switching in afterwards.


NA-KAEL-08 pulled it together and caught RED Gohan in a life-threatening combo which you’d expect SMG to throw Goku in front of to be defeated and activate his “Proud Inheritance”, but he decided he didn’t need it! In the end, Gohan went down, and the game was a father-son duel between SMG’s 1HP Goku and NA-KAEL-08’s full HP Youth Gohan.

Then came the big finale. SMG baited NA-KAEL-08’s Vanishing Step with a Blast Arts which he canceled out of to punish with his Rising Rush! Being the only remaining battle member and with health as low as it can physically go, this Rush’s damage would be more than enough to defeat Gohan if it went through. The card guess began, NA-KAEL-08 picked Blast Arts, and SMG picked… Special Skill! The Rush struck true and K.O.’d Gohan, bringing SMG victory in an unbelievable comeback!

SMG 1-1 NA-KAEL-08


SMG’s Team and Battle Members

NA-KAEL-08’s Team and Battle Members

After that extreme turnaround, SMG has forced NA-KAEL-08 into a tense third game. Both players are again taking the same teams as previous games into the clash.

NA-KAEL-08 controlled the early-game. Using proactively play and chasing Element advantage where possible, he managed to carve out a small lead over SMG by winning exchanges to stack up damage on his opponent’s characters, whilst also getting his Rising Rush ready. With a very smooth read, NA-KAEL-08 dashed back from close range to better react to SMG’s incoming Blast Arts then dodged with a perfectly timed Vanishing Step and launched his Rush!

But it wasn’t to be! SMG guessed NA-KAEL-08’s card and countered!

While he didn’t get the big play he was looking for, NA-KAEL-08 went back to basics by harassing SMG with his Elemental advantage. SMG was once again on the back foot from NA-KAEL-08 hounding his fighters down and tried to turn the tables with a Rising Rush, but instead whiffed when NA-KAEL-08 pulled a quick switch into Vanishing Step!

SMG was now in an unenviable position with his fighters all low on health and no Rising Rush to even the playing field. Goku was the first of his battle members to drop, of course invigorating Goten and Gohan with “Proud Inheritance”, but Goten didn’t have much health left to work with.

Although, if SMG has proved anything so far in the tournament, it’s that the bigger the pinch the brighter he shines! Using his fired-up Goten, he first crippled NA-KAEL-08’s RED Gohan with a “Kamehameha” which forced the switch into Mai, then read her “Flash Bang” play perfectly to punish with two absolutely diabolical Blast Arts which took her straight from 100 to 0!

Could this be another legendary turnaround from the comeback king SMG? Or would NA-KAEL-08’s calculated gameplay shut him down?


Both players ended up with their Youth Gohans out on the battlefield. NA-KAEL-08 forced a Vanishing Step then displayed great trigger discipline when he calmly waited for the right timing to use his own then counterattack. From there, NA-KAEL-08 started a combo that fed into a “Father-Son Kamehameha”! SMG’s Gohan survived the Ultimate, but was quickly finished off by a follow-up from Future Gohan. SMG’s Goten was now 1v2 and Elementally disadvantaged against the YEL Future Gohan, and while he dodged a Rising Rush finisher attempt to launch his “Family Kamehameha”, SMG’s comeback dream was put to rest shortly after with a simple Blast Arts.

At the end of this incredible back and forth match, NA-KAEL-08 claims victory and will advance to the WINNERS SEMIFINALS!

SMG 1-2 NA-KAEL-08

NA-KAEL-08 Wins!

SMG: “It was a really good match, we fought neck to neck almost the whole time. That last game I made a few mistakes that cost me the match.”

While SMG steps down for now, the memory of his incredible comeback in GAME 2 will remain.

NA-KAEL-08: “It was a really difficult match. I suspected that I might not be able to win when he countered two of my Rising Rushes, but after coming out now I’m confident that I can become the Champion of this tournament.”

With his eyes on the ultimate Legends title, NA-KAEL-08 will next face MILCOOL in the WINNERS SEMIFINALS!

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