Two fierce fighters have proven themselves worthy and risen from the TOP 16 to clash here in the WINNERS TOP 8. The calm expressions of USA’s DIEGO and Japan’s CHICKEN319 belie the blazing warrior spirits they manifested in their previous matches, perhaps having relaxed a little after getting rid of their Round 1 jitters.

An intimidating prospect, the winner of this match would go on to face the fearsome MASAKATSU from Japan in the WINNERS SEMIFINALS. Will CHICKEN319 win and go on to do battle with his fellow countryman next round? Or will DIEGO seize victory and have to challenge a second Japanese competitor?


DIEGO’s Team and Battle Members

CHICKEN319’s Team and Battle Members

In GAME 1, it was DIEGO’s Regenerations squad versus CHICKEN319’s SON Family/Hybrids build, a slightly favorable matchup for the SON Family with their late-game buffs to punch through Regen’s defenses.

CHICKEN319 did, however, make some nice battle member picks, deducing that his opponent was unlikely to bring a PUR character meant that his GRN Ultimate Gohan couldn’t have an Elemental disadvantage. Combined with his RED Youth Gohan and BLU Teen Gohan, he ended up with an Elemental counter to each of DIEGO’s battle members!

Using that advantageous position, CHICKEN319 came out with an aggressive early game. First with his RED Gohan against YEL Cell, then chasing DIEGO’s switch into RED Zamasu with his BLU Gohan, maintaining his Elemental pressure. Converting some quick Vanish Steps into more damage, CHICKEN319 was off to an early lead.

DIEGO struck back when CHICKEN319’s RED Gohan returned to the battlefield. First stripping him of his Vanishing Step with a Tap Attack bait, he went for a Rising Rush with Zamasu! The Rush went through and left RED Gohan with only a scrap of health remaining.

From there the game turned into an all-out slug fest! Both players sustained heavy damage, DIEGO with his Zamasu and CHICKEN319 with his BLU Gohan, and had their respective “Cover: Rescue”s forced in order to save their units.

DIEGO managed a slight advantage over CHICKEN319 by holding onto Zamasu’s “Immortal Body” effect. CHICKEN319 knew he’d have to burn resources to pop it eventually and decided to go in with BLU Gohan’s “Family Kamehameha”, then again into GRN Ultimate Gohan’s “Burst Rush”! The first Ultimate met its mark and activated “Immortal Body”, but Lord Slug flew out in the nick of time to save Zamasu with a cover change! Zamasu’s life was saved, but at the cost of a huge chunk of Slug’s health bar.

The Super Namekian’s vengeance came hard and fast with a Blast Arts into his Special Skill “Psycho Pull” which wangled Ultimate Gohan in for a close range Rising Rush!


But CHICKEN319 was quick to react to the Rush declaration! Judging his Ultimate Gohan to be too valuable to risk losing, he cover-changed into BLU Gohan to take the brunt of Lord Slug’s assault. The Rush struck home and BLU Gohan was no more.

Ultimate Gohan came back out to replace his BLU counterpart and settle the score. CHICKEN319 made a smooth play, canceling out of a dodged Blast Arts to catch his opponent mid-Tap Attack with a Rising Rush of his own! DIEGO’s Perfect Cell was K.O.’d from full health.

Both sides were now at two fighters each, but what followed from now decided the game in an instant.
CHICKEN319 opened a combo on Lord Slug with his Ultimate Gohan which DIEGO tried to mitigate by switching into Zamasu, so CHICKEN319 went all-in and tagged to RED Gohan mid-combo for a “Father-Son Kamehameha”! Zamasu went down and Lord Slug came out to fill his place, but was met immediately with RED Gohan’s “Super Kamehameha” when he tried to poke with a Tap Blast!
Just like that, CHICKEN319 was one step closer to the WINNERS SEMIFINALS.



DIEGO’s Team and Battle Members

CHICKEN319’s Team and Battle Members

This game, CHICKEN319 went after a consecutive win with his SON Family/Hybrids, while DIEGO sought redemption for his Regen team. Will the proud family be able to pull off a 2 for 2?

CHICKEN319 was first to go on the warpath. Chasing favorable Element matchups between Goten, BLU Gohan, and RED Gohan, he managed a decent combo to deal some damage to DIEGO’s Cell and Lord Slug. CHICKEN319 kept the pressure on, and it wasn’t long before DIEGO’s Zamasu had to swap in to pick up some of Slug’s slack.

Looking to make a comeback, DIEGO sent Goten flying with a Blast Arts from Zamasu then switched back to Lord Slug for a Rising Rush! The Rush shook Goten for all he was worth, getting the 100 to 0 K.O. and a 3v2 lead.

DIEGO then connected a “Psycho Pull” to cancel a Blast Arts from RED Gohan then went on the offensive. CHICKEN319 switched out to BLU Gohan but got caught open by Lord Slug who then switched with Cell, weaving the combo into a huge “Solar Kamehameha”!

At this time, CHICKEN319 looked to be in a rough spot with BLU Gohan nearly out of steam and only one fighter left to follow him against DIEGO’s largely healthy Regen monsters.
However…this was merely the stage where CHICKEN319 would make his miraculous comeback!


First up was RED Gohan’s wrathful assault. CHICKEN319 ran rings around his opponent’s Zamasu, stopping him short with Tap Attacks, cleaving through a Blast Arts with “Super Kamehameha”, and waiting out the timing on Zamasu’s reflexive sidestep after a Vanishing Step to reignite the combo. The buffs just kept stacking up on RED Gohan as he continued to attack through Zamasu’s “Immortal Body” before finally switching out to BLU Gohan who finished the job with some Tap Attacks.

Lord Slug was next in line to face CHICKEN319’s Gohan duo. DIEGO was doing his best to stay cool, but unfortunately used his Vanishing Step on a Tap Blast. Needing to eliminate the BLU Lord Slug to give his RED Gohan an easier time, CHICKEN319 pulled the trigger on his Rising Rush and gave the Namekian a taste of SON justice!

DIEGO was down to one lonely Cell. Faced with his mortal enemy, Youth Gohan, this was not an enviable position to be in. Cell fought bravely under RED Gohan’s overwhelming advantage, but it only took one misstep for CHICKEN319 to capitalize and bring the game to a Legendary Finish with the “Father-Son Kamehameha”.



CHICKEN319 Wins!

DIEGO: “It was a good match. I knew he was going to be over the top. I tried my best but he really knows what he is doing.”

Showing grace with words of respect for his opponent, DIEGO heads off to LOSERS ROUND 2.

CHICKEN319: “I feel like I’m really on a streak right now, I hope I can keep it going next round.”

CHICKEN319 will now have to stay in the zone and overcome fellow Japanese player MASAKATSU in the WINNERS SEMIFINALS!

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