In this feature match for the WINNERS TOP 8, we saw Taiwan’s WALLACE go up against Japan’s MASAKATSU.

WALLACE showed off some brilliant reads that brought him a clean victory in the Top 16. When asked about the games, he replied “I was nervous!”, but maybe having a win under his belt will calm the nerves. Will we see more fantastic plays from WALLACE this round?

MASAKATSU was also undefeated in his Top 16 match. Noting calmly in the post-match interview that he was able to play “his game” against his opponent, there was no reason to suspect he wouldn’t be fighting this round in top condition.

The winner here will advance to the WINNERS SEMIFINALS.
Glowing under the blue lights of the Las Vegas stage, our two warriors steeled their minds for battle!


WALLACE’s Team and Battle Members

MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

In GAME 1, WALLACE brought his Girls/Regen/Future hybrid, a somewhat roguish build. To face him, MASAKATSU went with his SON Family party.

The early-game was characterized by MASAKATSU’s aggressive SON Family play pressuring WALLACE into frequent switching in order to escape unfavorable Element matchups. WALLACE’s Chi-Chi started out against Goten so he switched to Cell, MASAKATSU responded quickly by subbing into RED Gohan, forcing WALLACE to switch to Ribrianne who was then met with BLU Gohan!

While BLU Gohan’s attacks were no major threat to the tough Ribrianne, they soon added up when meeting their marks in succession. Then finding the blue heroine defenseless after dodging her attack, MASAKATSU unleashed Gohan’s “Masenko”!

Goten made a brief appearance but was swiftly changed out to RED Gohan who was then trapped by Ribrianne’s Main Ability!


However, regardless of his Elemental disadvantage, when MASAKATSU’s RED Gohan was locked-in with Ribrianne, rather than try to run he went in swinging! Anticipating Ribrianne’s attack, MASAKATSU used his Vanishing Step then lit her up with a combo!

When RED Gohan was finally able to switch out, he was replaced by BLU Gohan who MASAKATSU used to catch Ribrianne mid-dodge with a “Masenko” to finish her off!

MASAKATSU’s offense was unfaltering and unrelenting. Just when WALLACE cover-changed into Chi-Chi for the Elemental advantage, MASAKATSU was quick to respond and switched into Goten for a Rising Rush without dropping the combo!

In a flash, the game had developed into an unenviable 1v3 for WALLACE.
Not willing to roll over, WALLACE looked to climb the mountain in front of him with Cell and unleashed a Rising Rush at Gohan hoping to forge a 1v2, but Gohan survived with a quarter of his HP bar remaining!

That was all the resistance MASAKATSU was willing to tolerate, however, and asserted his GAME 1 superiority with an anime-style LEGENDARY FINISH over Cell with Gohan’s “Father-Son Kamehameha”!



WALLACE’s Team and Battle Members

MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

Changing up his team for GAME 2, WALLACE took up his Future/Regen team, while MASAKATSU stuck with his trusty SON Family party.

First up, WALLACE caught MASAKATSU with Mai’s Blast Arts through Goku’s Tap Shot and barreled into long combo. To minimize damage taken, MASAKATSU must consider his switch options: if WALLACE changes to Cell, he goes into RED Gohan, if he tags to Zamasu, he switches to BLU Gohan.
In the end it was Goku himself who led the counterattack and forced Cell to intervene with an early “Cover: Rescue” to save Mai!

After a few exchanges, WALLACE was the first to pull the trigger on his Rising Rush. Switching into Mai for a quick Vanishing Step against MASAKATSU’s BLU Gohan, the Rising Rush hit home and blasted Gohan down to a fifth of his life!

The game then settled down to some poking and trading, but with his Rising Rush ready to go, MASAKATSU held a slight lead over WALLACE.

After patiently waiting for just the right moment, MASAKATSU used his Rising Rush. He struck when Mai was caught winding-down from her dodged “Flash Bang”, and with WALLACE unable to guess his card, he was finally able to take out Future/Regen team’s core fighter.


MASAKATSU then decided to give his low-health Goku to WALLACE to finish off. So generous! Though WALLACE did so only begrudgingly, both players knowing that when Goku falls, his sons stand taller with his post-K.O buff.

Just as planned, Goku went down and RED Gohan came out with a bone to pick with Zamasu! Wearing down Zamasu’s plentiful health bar with combos and eventually popping his “Immortal Body”, it was then time to switch out to BLU Gohan to try to finish the job. WALLACE then quickly tag into Cell and tried his luck at a Rising Rush but met only air as BLU Gohan dodged with a Vanishing Step!

Cell had no intentions of letting his old foe escape, however, and followed Gohan in the no-dodge window after a Rising Rush with a Strike Arts into “Perfect Shot” into “Solar Kamehameha”!
Leaving MASAKATSU’s BLU Gohan…alive?!
Though not for long! Slipping past Gohan’s counterattack, Cell then easily put down the elder brother with a Tap Attack combo.

WALLACE was now standing over MASAKATSU 2v1, though his Zamasu was low and with no “Immortal Body” to protect him. Even more concerning was that MASAKATSU’s last fighter was more like a final boss: Youth Gohan with defeated ally buffs in full effect! If Cell were to be caught by one of Gohan’s fierce lashings, Zamasu might not be able to hold out long either.

WALLACE put up a valiant resistance against the RED monster, holding him off blast for blast and avoiding a “Super Kamehameha” to punish with Zamasu’s Special Move! But it was not to continue, as MASAKATSU pushed past Cell’s defenses and delivered the “Father-Son Kamehameha” to lethal effect. Now staring WALLACE’s Zamasu down with Rising Rush locked and loaded, he knew he had his opponent cornered. Dodge the Rising Rush and get caught in the follow-up Strike Arts? Or take the Rush and try to hit the one in four card pick?
WALLACE stood resolute and took the Rush head-on, but wasn’t able to guess MASAKATSU’s card, spelling the end for Zamasu and GAME 2.



WALLACE: “I thought I could win, but l didn’t get very lucky and ended up losing. It was a bit unfortunate.”

Although defeated, WALLACE surely gave us a great match that could have gone either way.

MASAKATSU: “My opponent was able to read my habits and punish me a few times for them, but I’m glad I was able to come through and play well in the end.”

Claiming victory over another powerful opponent, MASAKATSU advances to the WINNERS SEMIFINALS!

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