Las Vegas, Nevada.
On the shimmering stage awash in spotlight, two challengers will clash.

Taiwan’s SHENYAO and China’s WHIRLKICK may later rejoice at their being able to show the world their skills in this SHOWDOWN feature match, but at the time, they would each likely have preferred to be elsewhere. That’s because these two competitors now stood on the precipice of oblivion, for in the LOSERS bracket defeat means instant dismissal!

Facing the cruel reality of the double-elimination format under the bright Las Vegas lights, SHENYAO and WHIRLKICK prepared themselves to put it all on the line in this fiery feature match!


SHENYAO’s Team and Battle Members

WHIRLKICK’s Team and Battle Members

First up, SHENYAO brought his SON Family team and WHIRLKICK went with Regenerations. Let’s see how WHIRLKICK intends to feud with SHENYAO’s Saiyan family!

The Saiyans started out aggressively as one would expect, with Goten cutting down WHIRLKICK’s Zamasu to half his health. Not one to miss an opportunity to strike, SHENYAO capitalized on the brief Paralysis caused by Goten’s Blast Arts, his keen eye and lightning reflexes pushing WHIRLKICK to pop Cell’s “Cover: Rescue” early to save Zamasu’s “Immortal Body”.

Finding his feet after resetting the pace, WHIRLKICK made his move! Just as SHENYAO’s Goku was firing off a Blast Arts, WHIRLKICK had his Cell slice straight through it with his “Super Kamehameha”, taking out Goku in the process!

Down a fighter but not out of the race yet, SHENYAO kept a level head. Preparing RED Gohan’s Ultimate mid-combo with his Main Ability, SHENYAO successfully forced WHIRLKICK to use up his Vanishing Step to open him up for a “Father-Son Kamehameha”! However, in a momentary lapse of timing, SHENYAO dropped the combo and activated the Ultimate too late, allowing WHIRLKICK’s Zamasu to safely evade the attack!


SHENYAO’s revenge eventually put through.
Catching WHIRLKICK with his Vanishing Step down, he pounced on the opportunity to use his Rising Rush with Goten! The Rush was enough to K.O WHIRLKICK’s full HP Lord Slug, making the game a relatively even 2v2.

Even with his blazing offense, SHENYAO didn’t lose his cool. Carefully navigating his opponent’s attacks and closing the distance, he managed to find Zamasu open with his Goten’s Ultimate, leaving WHIRLKICK with just Cell remaining!

Cell was able to make quick work of Goten, but Gohan stands strongest when alone! Combined with the Elemental advantage in SHENYAO’s favor meant that Cell was swiftly dispatched of in a somewhat reminiscent fashion by Gohan.
GAME 1 goes to SHENYAO!



SHENYAO’s Team and Battle Members

WHIRLKICK’s Team and Battle Members

In GAME 2, we saw both competitors load up with SON Family!
With the exact same battle members as one’s opponent, it all comes down to skill.

The game set off with a lot of great plays from SHENYAO, cycling through his characters, dishing out damage, and shooting a “Kamehameha” through WHIRLKICK’s Blast Arts! Before long, all of WHIRLKICK’s units were being whittled away, while SHENYAO hadn’t taken a single point of damage!

WHIRLKICK decided to make a play.
He tried to squeeze as much out of his Goku as possible while leaving him out on the battlefield intentionally to be taken down and give the “Proud Inheritance” buff to Gohan and Goten. Goku did indeed go down to SHENYAO’s Gohan, but SHENYAO’s units still hadn’t taken any damage!


This is where we’d expect WHIRLKICK to go to work with his powered-up Saiyan sons, but it was SHENYAO who turned up the heat!

SHENYAO came through with an absolutely dazzling display, cycling and evading around WHIRLKICK’s moves as through his fighters were made of water! Vanishing Steps into switches, switches into Vanishing Steps, timing, cancelling, weaving Tap Attacks: SHENYAO pulled out all the stops!

Not giving his opponent a single weak point to aim at, SHENYAO brought GAME 2 home with a very convincing win over WHIRLKICK!
Zero. Damage.



WHIRLKICK: “It’s fine, I’ll go with that.”

For this fighter, the road ends here for now.

SHENYAO: “I’m feeling better now with this win, thank you.”

Now able to press forward, SHENYAO’s spirits lift as he prepares for the next hurdle.

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