There are two matches remaining in LOSERS ROUND 1, meaning that with this match and the one to follow, two of our SHOWDOWN challengers will be knocked out.
This time, will France’s MUTEN survive? Or will it be USA’s MICHAEL C who earns his place in the next round?

Only one may advance! These competitors’ final chance at staying in the running to be the world’s strongest warrior begins now!


MUTEN’s Team and Battle Members

MICHAEL C’s Team and Battle Members

MUTEN is manning the Girls team, while MICHAEL C is trying his luck with Future. We’ve seen a lot of Future/Regen builds so far in the tournament, but MICHAEL C seems to be sticking with a pure build, perhaps for the increased synergy.
Will the meta-giant Girls team be able to control this matchup?

After some mutually damaging exchanges in the early game, the first noticeable lead was taken by MICHAEL C. He pulled the trigger on his Rising Rush with Trunks, aiming at MUTEN’s key offensive fighter, Ribrianne. MUTEN opted to switch out to Great Saiyaman 2, but the decision came too late and the Girls suddenly found themselves in a 2v3 situation!


Now without his core offensive fighter, Ribrianne, MUTEN took to the assault with Great Saiyaman 2. Looking to finish off Trunks, MUTEN activated her Main Ability followed by a close-range Rising Rush, but MICHAEL C’s reflexes were too fast and he managed to switch out Trunks for Gohan! This unfortunately resulted in the full HP Gohan going down in an instant, but could that be just what MICHAEL C wanted?

When Gohan is defeated, his “Passing on the Will” activates, giving a massive boost to his remaining fighters!

MICHAEL C then hit the ground running with Trunks and Mai, playing off each other to drill down MUTEN’s Mai and Great Saiyaman 2! MUTEN tried to resist the Future pair’s assault but was soon to bite the dust.



MUTEN’s Team and Battle Members

MICHAEL C’s Team and Battle Members

In GAME 2, MUTEN stuck with his Girls party, but MICHAEL C had a change of heart and went this time with SON Family.

The early-game was a mad dance with both players cycling through their teams to try to keep the Elemental advantage in their favor. Through the frantic attacking, dodging, and dodge-reading by both players, MICHAEL C saw his moment and took it, firing off a Rising Rush with BLU Gohan!
The Rush met its mark and MICHAEL C knocked out MUTEN’s Great Saiyaman 2 creating a favorable 3v2!

The dance continued but with MICHAEL C now leading his opponent! Baiting a Strike Arts with the seemingly Vanish-less Gohan, he pulled a sly switch into Goten and unleashed his Ultimate “Family Kamehameha” on MUTEN’s Mai!



Now at a comfortable 3v1 fighter advantage, MICHAEL C had free rein to both attack and disperse the raging maiden Ribrianne’s buffed damage amongst his team.

Worst of all for MUTEN, when Ribrianne was on her warpath, MICHAEL C could throw his Goku out to take the damage so that even if he were struck down, his “Proud Inheritance” would make the other SON sons unimaginably more powerful! Knowing Goku had to go eventually, MUTEN went all-in and cut loose with “Ribrianne Eternal Love”!

With Goku down and his Gohan and Goten ready to strike, things were looking up for MICHAEL C, but Ribrianne wasn’t out of love quite yet! With an unfortunately timed attempt at Gohan’s Ultimate, MUTEN used his Rising Rush at the same time and blew Gohan away with an awesome 100 to 0 Rush!

Now a 1v1, could MUTEN make a comeback miracle happen?!
Not if Goten’s Paralyzing Blast Arts had anything to say about it!
With Ribrianne freezing up at close-range, all Goten had to do was play his two remaining cards and the curtain fell on the wild dance.



MICHAEL C: “I had better reaction time this game. Basically it’s about nerves. Just a fatal mistake you can lose your footing easily.”

Despite his skillful play, MICHAEL C seemed determined to do even better next round.

MUTEN: “It was a really fun match, but with those couple of mistakes I made, I lost. One Vanishing Step mistake, another Rising Rush mistake.”

MUTEN too, it seems, left the match thinking about what more could have been done.

Introspection, self-awareness, improvement. All champion-like characteristics displayed here honorably by these competitors!

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