This match is fought between two Europeans, SAIROU from Germany and ICHIZOKU from France.
It will decide who is staying in Las Vegas, and who is leaving.

Two strongest warriors in Europe are about to settle things out!


SAIROU’s Team and Battle Members

ICHIZOKU’s Team and Battle Members

The SON Family gets another round with each other in GAME 1, but the two players had different opinions in battle member selection.

Gohan (RED) is a key character in this matchup, as he can cope with Goku and nullify Gohan (BLU)’s Element advantage by his Main Ability.
ICHIZOKU has a great advantage with Gohan (RED) as his ally. Can SAIROU brave this obstacle?

It happened that ICHIZOKU’s Gohan (RED) initiated the first big move in this game, unleashing a Rising Rush against SAIROU’s Gohan.
BLU Gohan took a huge blow but survived from this move thanks to his Elemental advantage, and to return the favor, SAIROU also fired his own Rising Rush and KO’ed the Gohan (BLU) changing in!


Not blessed in the early game, ICHIZOKU kept on pushing his Gohan-Goten pair forward to put the pressure on Goku. To keep his Goku alive, SAIROU cover changed Gohan in but he himself ran out of Health to sustain the Frenchman’s attack. 2v2.

ICHIZOKU was not letting his opponent run. He locked on Goku and unleashed Goten’s Ultimate Arts, but the Saiyan father managed to stay on his feet!
It was not long before Goku finally went down, but he bought enough time for SAIROU to charge up his Rising Rush.

Goten as SAIROU’s last character fired a double Blast Arts as soon as he arrived on the battlefield and defeated Gohan (RED) in no time.

The showdown came to a face-off between two Gotens, and we did not have to wait long before the final blow.
SAIROU’s Strike cancel was successful in using up ICHIZOKU’s Vanishing Gauge and he had no hesitation in launching his Rising Rush.
With his attack going through, SAIROU took a crucial win in GAME 1.



SAIROU’s Team and Battle Members

ICHIZOKU’s Team and Battle Members

Both players did a 180 in the second game, with ICHIZOKU betting his fate on the Girls team while SAIROU wished for advancing to the next round with his Super Saiyans.

This time it was also ICHIZOKU who started off aggressively and had his Rising Rush charged up first. Before Broly had the time to transform into his full power, the warrior of love Ribrianne one-shotted him with a Rising KO.
It was not just another regular Rising Rush. ICHIZOKU entered his Strike Arts and side step input skillfully and waited for that perfect timing to unleash the all-or-nothing super move.

ICHIZOKU tapped into another dimension being forced into the corners. The French player timed his Vanishing Step flawlessly against Vegeta’s attack and Ribrianne first showed her lovely smile with her Special Arts then began her brutal combo. To everyone’s surprise, ICHIZOKU kept his fighters at nearly full Health at this point.

SAIROU’s Bardock was waiting for his time to spark off a rebellion, only finding himself to be Paralyzed by Ribrianne and beat in the next motion.

Vegeta put forth SAIROU’s Never Say Die spirit and KO’ed Mai with a Rising Rush but that was his last action.

We are finally going to find out this round’s winner in the do-or-die GAME 3.



SAIROU’s Team and Battle Members

ICHIZOKU’s Team and Battle Members

ICHIZOKU kept his faith in the Girls winning him the last game, and SAIROU rolled the dice with his Mono PUR team in this decisive match!
100% sure he will be facing two Brolys and Goku, ICHIZOKU entrusted the Saiyan-killing Caulifla to be his starting fighter.

It was however SAIROU who took the lead first, initiating a Rising Rush literally 20 seconds into the match!
This attack was fast but not so furious as Ribrianne kept her damage taken within 50% of her Health.

Next to take the advantage of the Rising Rush was ICHIZOKU, but Caulifla’s rising attack was countered by SAIROU’s smart choice.

Moving on, Ribrianne once again stole the show with her Main Ability, sealing SAIROU’s character switch and humiliating Broly (RED) with a long combo finished with her Ultimate. She did allow Great Saiyaman 2 to be positioned in the spotlight as the lady with cape finished off the Paralyzed Broly.

It’s now SAIROU’s first priority to even out the number of fighters on the battlefield. He prayed to Shenron for a KO-inducing Rising Rush, but ICHIZOKU’s Caulifla read it well!

Countering Caulifla’s counter, the monstrously tanky Broly (PUR) attacked Ribrianne next, forcing ICHIZOKU to switch in Great Saiyaman 2. The mysterious Female Warrior had most of her HP ripped off by Broly’s Ultimate Arts and was at last defeated by Goku.

Both players were left with 2 fighters each, and SAIROU’s Saiyans had the HP advantage.
However, before being knocked out by Goku, Great Saiyaman 2 did her last bit of job running Goku out of his Vanishing Gauge and left him wide open for a Rising Rush chance!
ICHIZOKU was happy to take the free kill with Ribrianne, restoring the momentum of the match into his own hands.


It was still too early for SAIROU to throw the match with Broly (PUR) by his side.

He first hit Ribrianne with his signature “Planet Crusher” Special Move and albeit missing the second one, the Saiyan was ready to take Caulifla down with a tap attack after wearing her out with a Strike Arts.

The final game was to be decided by a one on one.
Broly vs Ribrianne. Sudden death time…

And it did came out of a sudden, actually two seconds later.
The one who stood, no, danced until the last… was Ribrianne!



ICHIZOKU: “I was kind of affected by the first round and was quite nervous going into GAME 1, but managed to gather myself in the second and third game. Hope to play even better in the next round!”

Can anyone stop ICHIZOKU in his awakened power?

SAIROU: “I thought I will feel bad being knocked out, but I’ve gone through some really great games during these two rounds. I’m grateful.”

Two extraordinary fighters make an extraordinary fight. Offer them a round of applause for such an entertaining game!

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