We now move into the players’ second round of the day, starting with the Losers Bracket.

In “double elimination” format, losing in the Losers Bracket means being eliminated from the tournament; It’s a second but final chance to stay in the game! It’s a harsh rule, but in this clash between the world’s top 16 players, defeat is not an option.

The first two competitors heading into the Losers Bracket battle are DARRYL and HEARTLJ!

After this match, it will be all over for one of our competitors.
The desperate struggle to stay in the SHOWDOWN begins now!


DARRYL’s Team and Battle Members

HEARTLJ’s Team and Battle Members

The curtain opened in GAME 1 to a Future/Regenerations mirror match.
DARRYL brought an innovative build which included the likes of Final Form Frieza and EX Trunks (Teen), who can come in handy with his Regen-killer ability and Future synergy with Mai.

DARRYL came out swinging in the early-game. Getting the best of HEARTLJ’s Mai, he didn’t let up when HEARTLJ switched out into Zamasu, letting off a “Flash Bang”. After running out of Ki from a combo off the stun, DARRYL then switched into Zamasu and kept the damage coming thanks to Mai’s switch-out Ki recovery.

Pressuring down HEARTLJ’s Zamasu while cycling through his team, DARRYL was even able to force his opponent to use Cell’s “Cover: Rescue”. HEARTLJ then switched his Cell out for Mai, who was met with a quick Rising Rush and K.O’d!


Not just fiery offense, DARRYL also showed us some cool-headed strategy. Skillfully reading HEARTLJ’s attempts at evasion, a tap attack was enough to activate Zamasu’s “Immortal Body”. However, if he finished off Zamasu now, how could he keep HEARTLJ’s Cell from staging a turnaround?

DARRYL’s only character advantageous against Cell was his own Zamasu, so since he was on substitution cooldown, DARRYL took his time finishing off HEARTLJ’s Zamasu. Thanks to his smart thinking, DARRYL was able to down Zamasu then meet his opponent’s Cell with his own Zamasu at a type advantage!

With all odds in his favor, DARRYL was able to comfortably deal with Cell’s threats and take him down!



DARRYL’s Team and Battle Members

HEARTLJ’s Team and Battle Members

Both players again brought their Future/Regen hybrid teams, both with one battle member lineup change.

First contact was again made by DARRYL! After a few Arts strings and cycling, he found a window where his opponent was unable to Vanishing Step, and launched into an early Rising Rush on HEARTLJ’s Lord Slug with Cell! However, HEARTLJ guessed DARRYL’s card and countered the Rush! Things were looking up, but Slug soon felt the pain from Mai’s attacks.

DARRYL pressed the offensive, and with a good read on his opponent was able to take down HEARTLJ’s Lord Slug, gaining advantage in this battle.
A nice play by DARRYL here was switching into his Zamasu when it looked like the low-HP Lord Slug would use a Rising Rush, thereby discouraging HEARTLJ from using it because of Zamasu’s “Immortal Body”, and finishing off Slug when HEARTLJ was still giving it a think.


But HEARTLJ was not going to allow this to be a one-sided fight.
Finding his opponent wide open after a well-timed Strike Arts cancel, he unleashed a Rising Rush on Mai! If the Rush went though, this could have been a major turning point for the game, but in a cruel twist DARRYL guessed the right card to counter!
Unfazed, HEARTLJ pressed on! Switching into the Elementally disadvantaged Cell for a 20% shot at inflicting Faint with his “Solar Kamehameha”, but luck was not on his side, and was soon met with another Rising Rush which struck home.

Cell survived the Rush on the brink of death, but was only able to hold out for so long. While he was able to take down Mai off a nice Rising Rush interrupt using Cell’s Special Arts and even the character numbers at two apiece, the resource advantage was too great.

DARRYL wore out his opponent’s remaining options and two became zero for HEARTLJ, and the match ended with DARRYL taking the win.



HEARTLJ: “Playing up on stage is a completely different experience to what I’m used to. I made a few mistakes and my opponent was a little better than me so unfortunately I lost.”

In the end, it was HEARTLJ who lost and was knocked out. But it’s certain that this experience will stay with him and drive him onward to new heights.

DARRYL: “I felt a lot less nervous this time since it was the second round. It was a good game and I’m happy to have taken the win.”

With one taste of defeat in the first round, DARRYL decided victory was sweeter! Heading into the third course, DARRYL vows to subsist on a strict diet of Ws from here on!

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