This match, we have France’s NA-KAEL-08 going up against China’s WHIRLKICK facing off in the last round of the Top 16 bracket!

“I want to have fun.”
That’s the answer we received from both of these competitors during our interviews. Standing in their element at the pinnacle of PvP here at the DRAGON BALL LEGENDS SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS, they sure looked like they were having fun.

But there’s more fun to be had yet! For these warriors, surely the most enjoyable fight is the one that matters most…
But to make it to the grand final and bathe in glorious victory, they’ll each have to prove themselves better than the man standing in front of them!


NA-KAEL-08’s Team and Battle Members

WHIRLKICK’s Team and Battle Members

GAME 1 brought us a fresh Future/Hybrids setup from NA-KAEL-08 going up against the popular Regenerations team wielded by WHIRLKICK.

Both players burst through the starting gate with an aggressive early-game. WHIRLKICK managed to sink some damage into NA-KAEL-08’s units, but just when it looked like Piccolo was going to continue his assault on NA-KAEL-08’s Gohan, the tables were turned and in the end it was WHIRLKICK’s Piccolo who felt the pain with a brutal 42 hit combo from Gohan and Mai!

However, the flow of the game took a sudden twist! WHIRLKICK switched out to Zamasu, so NA-KAEL-08 tried to follow up with his BLU Gohan but was unable to land his attack! WHIRLKICK then switched into Cell mid-combo and brought it all together with a Rising Rush that put down NA-KAEL-08’s BLU Gohan before he could leave a scratch!


Even having a key fighter taken away from him, NA-KAEL-08 refused to give WHIRLKICK another inch! Showing off both the offensive and defensive skills that gave him the right to compete at the world tournament, NA-KAEL-08 managed to bring Piccolo down to half HP, pop Zamasu’s “Immortal Body”, and force Cell’s “Cover: Rescue” all without taking a hit! What a display!

WHIRLKICK managed to momentarily push back against NA-KAEL-08, but his opponent wasn’t willing to let Zamasu off the hook. When the chance presented itself, NA-KAEL-08 used his remaining two fighters to combo Zamasu to low HP, then just when it looked like he was out of steam… a Special Move Arts off the top! And just like that, NA-KAEL-08 evened the fighter-count at 2v2 with Gohan’s “Super Kamehameha”!

Next came NA-KAEL-08 with a Rising Rush from Mai! The Rush let Cell with such a miniscule amount of health that a quick Vanishing Step and Tap attack were enough to finish the job. With this one fell swoop, WHIRLKICK was now down his Cell, and facing an unfavorable 2v1 fight!

Things were looking grim for WHIRLPOOL, left only with his primarily supportive Piccolo. In the end, there wasn’t much left the Namekian could do, and was taken down by Gohan (RED).
GAME 1 goes to NA-KAEL-08!



NA-KAEL-08’s Team and Battle Members

WHIRLKICK’s Team and Battle Members

With a party switch from NA-KAEL-08, GAME 2 was a Regen mirror-match! From the early-game, NA-KAEL-08 set the pace.
With an oppressive offense and slippery defense, NA-KAEL-08 was able to quickly rack up the damage on WHIRLKICK’s Cell and Zamasu without taking any major punishment himself. At this point, NA-KAEL-08 would probably have his Rising Rush loaded and ready, but having not used it.

NA-KAEL-08 was looking to keep pressing his advantage and read WHIRLKICK’s Blast Arts play to counter with a Special Move, but it seems WHIRLKICK had read one page ahead and managed to dodge it!
NA-KAEL-08 then tried to Rising Rush through his opponent’s Blast Arts, but WHIRLKICK was again ready for the counter, and safely stopped the move connecting with a Vanishing Step! Now being the only player with his Rising Rush available, this was the position from which WHIRLKICK would try to turn the game around.

However, before he could find the right opening, a “Flash Bang” from NA-KAEL-08’s Mai opened up WHIRLKICK’s Lord Slug to a brutal “Solar Kamehameha” from Cell, instantly stripping away more than half his health!

After the dust settled, WHIRLKICK finally found his moment to strike back. Landing a Blast Arts on NA-KAEL-08’s Cell, he closed the distance and launched into a Strike Arts combo which then weaved into a switch to his own Cell for a Rising Rush!
With NA-KAEL-08’s Cell down, WHIRLKICK finally took the lead with a 3v2.

Or so we thought!
NA-KAEL-08’s Mai hit the battlefield with a fury and landed a combo on WHIRLKICK’s Cell before switching out with Lord Slug, putting all of WHIRLKICK’s fighters’ health bars in the yellow zone. Not wanting to lose his Cell to Lord Slug’s “Darkness Twin Star”, WHIRLKICK cover changed into his own Lord Slug to receive the blow, leaving his fighters HP now all in the red.


Then came NA-KAEL-08’s furious assault on Zamasu. Capitalizing on Mai’s high draw speed, NA-KAEL-08 strung together Blast Arts after Blast Arts and forced the activation of Zamasu’s “Immortal Body” effect. With Mai’s Ki recovery upon switching out, NA-KAEL-08’s Lord Slug was then able to heavy-handedly finish the job with super-Namekian Strike Arts! After that seemingly-infinite 36 hit combo finally ended, WHIRLKICK had lost his lead and the game stood at 2 fighters against 2.

Things continued to go south for WHIRLKICK as his Cell was knocked down by NA-KAEL-08’s Lord Slug, resulting in a Namekian standoff with both Slugs out on the battlefield! WHIRLKICK managed to get the best of his opponent’s Lord Slug, but when the full-health Mai came out sporting her “Full Charge Shot”, Slug fell and the game went to NA-KAEL-08. Bullseye!


NA-KAEL-08 Wins!

WHIRLKICK: “It was a good game. I lost but at least I had fun.”

Smiling even in the face of bitter defeat, it seems WHIRLKICK got his wish for an enjoyable fight. As he prepares to challenge the next round, perhaps it will be victory that he can smile about after his next match.

NA-KAEL-08: “This is my first time having a tournament match like this so I was incredibly nervous at first, but once I put the headphones on I was able to settle in and focus.”

From the wonderful display NA-KAEL-08 put on for us, it sure seemed that nerves were not part of the equation here! Maybe next round he won’t even need the headphones to get into his zone!

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