This time, Taiwan’s SHENYAO and USA’s SMG have entered the stage to do battle!
Will SHENYAO, one of the few defensive-specialists in the top 16, be able to outlast the aggressive and adaptive playstyle of SMG?

In China, there is a story about an unstoppable spear versus an unbreakable shield.
Could we see this legend come to life in Las Vegas as these two warriors collide?!

In Dragon Ball Legends, there can only be one victor!


SHENYAO’s Team and Battle Members

SMG’s Team and Battle Members

In the first game of this match, we saw both players bringing SON Family setups and picking the same battle members for a complete mirror match.

True to his word, the careful and defensive SHENYAO led the early game with calculated play, throwing out short combos without overextending to be able to respond to nearly all of SMG’s counterattacks.

Putting on an absolute clinic of timing and level-headedness, SHENYAO got the better of most exchanges and downed SMG’s Goku without using the Rising Rush he’s got loaded up.

However, the adaptive SMG was not to be outdone, and at the crucial timing during SHENYAO’s Gohan winding up his Ultimate, recognized the microscopic opening and unleashed a precise Rising Rush!


With the momentum off defeating SHENYAO’s Gohan, SMG launched into a dazzling assault on Goku. Converting a Strike Arts combo into his Gohan’s Ultimate, the tables instantly turned in SMG’s favor, now a 2v1 with only SHENYAO’s Goten to beat.

But when Goten is backed into a corner, he’s truly at his most lethal! Receiving buffs from Goku and his own Unique, SHENYAO’s Goten was ready to go on a rampage against SMG’s Gohan. Though after a devastating barrage of Arts and an Ultimate, SMG’s Gohan was unfortunately left alive with a fraction of health.

Bringing the counterattack in an advantageous 2v1, SMG was able to get the better of SHENYAO’s lonesome Goten and close out the game with some well-timed Tap Attacks.



SHENYAO’s Team and Battle Members

SMG’s Team and Battle Members

After a rollercoaster GAME 1, the comeback winner SMG chose to stay with his SON Family party, while SHENYAO switched things up with his Future/Regenerations team.

SHENYAO led the offensive this time, his Mai boldly fighting in an Elemental disadvantage against SMG’s Goten and using her Flash Bang, creating a window to switch into Cell for a “Super Kamehameha”! In an instant, SMG’s Goten had been cut down to a third of his HP, and after some back and forth exchanges between character cycling, was finished off by another dose of Cell’s deadly Special Move.

Unfazed, SMG performed an exquisite Ki-cancel bait into a close-range Rising Rush! Even though the Rush was avoided by SHENYAO’s lightning-fast swap and Vanishing Step with Lord Slug, SMG proceeded to dish out a vicious combo with Kaioken Goku, thrashing Slug to within an inch of his life.


But to the calm and collected SHENYAO, even 1 HP is enough to stay in the fight! Showing an inhuman level of nerve, SHENYAO weaved attacks and evasion in an unbelievable martial showcase, even cycling through the death-clinching Lord Slug to make use of his Vanishing Step before tagging out to Mai for another, then drilling Goku for the remaining half of his health with a beautifully paced combo.

All of a sudden SMG was looking at an oppressive 1v3 situation.

Down to only Gohan, SMG leveraged the enormous firepower of Gohan and was able to almost bring down both Mai and Cell, but was unable to finish off either.
Back from the brink of death, the moment of Lord Slug’s retribution was at hand. With a well-comboed Rising Rush, SHENYAO took GAME 2, forcing SMG into one more game to decide the match.



SHENYAO’s Team and Battle Members

SMG’s Team and Battle Members

Heading into the destructive final game, SHENYAO is bringing his Future/Regen team with a battle member swap, and SMG is similarly stuck with his SON Family formation with a character swap. SHENYAO bought home a convincing victory with all 3 battle members intact last game, but can he do it again?

As the curtain rose on the final game of the match, SHENYAO came out swinging. Stopping Goku’s Blast Arts with Mai’s “Flash Bang”, he launched into a combo, switching then into Cell and Zamasu to keep the damage flowing. Taking full advantage of Zamasu’s Saiyan-killing “Utopia’s Beginning” and the Elemental advantage, SHENYAO managed to quickly dispatch of SMG’s Goku.

Showing no signs of letting up, SHENYAO then showed finesse with a “Flash Bang” into Cell’s Ultimate, reducing SMG’s Goten to dangerously low health and inflicting Faint to top it off!
Ki Charging back to full while all SMG could do was wait for the inevitable, SHENYAO then finished Goten with a couple of Blast Arts.

Now faced with a desperate 1v3 situation, one might think SMG would give up all hope, but displaying the spirit of a true warrior, he fought valiantly onward!

SHENYAO pressed the assault with Zamasu, and the unthinkable was about to occur for SMG when his sole fighter, SS2 Gohan, was hit with a Rising Rush. Though call it luck or impeccable intuition, SMG picked the right card to counter SHENYAO’s Rising Rush and put him on the back foot!

SMG’s lone Gohan, now almost enviably advantageous with his stupendous buffs from downed battle members, blew away a huge chunk of Zamasu’s health. SHENYAO switched out to Mai, but charging through her attack with his Blast-Armored Ultimate Arts, SMG’s Gohan took her down almost immediately.

SMG kept the pressure on as SHENYAO tried to close out the game with Zamasu. After a nail-biting exchange, Zamasu was posed to potentially finish Gohan off, but under the immense pressure of SMG’s 1v3 comeback fumbled the combo! Striking in this window of opportunity, SMG finished off Zamasu, bringing the game to an incredible 1v1 showdown.

It all came down to this.
Within seconds of entering the battlefield, Cell’s health had been crippled by Gohan’s devastating Arts attacks. Reaching for an opening to fight back, SHENYAO somehow managed to equalize their remaining HP but couldn’t find a way to finish the job. Dodging SHENYAO’s Strike Arts, SMG delivered the final blow, securing victory in an absolutely incredible comeback!


SMG Wins!

SMG: “All three matches were really close. Maybe I just got lucky. It was a good fight and was tough but I’m happy that I won.”

SHENYAO: “I guess I got unlucky.”

It seems that the key to victory here was a combination of skill, determination, and luck.
In a battle between two warriors of such a high caliber, a bit of luck can be the difference between glory and defeat, and that was exemplified here in this truly astounding match.

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