The feature match was fought between Japan’s MILCOOL and USA’s MICHAEL C!

When we asked MILCOOL how he usually spends his time, he replied with one word:
That alone gives you an idea of the kind of competitor we’re dealing with here! A Japanese player with a dream to be #1.

Our USA competitor, MICHAEL C, answered our question with a variety of hobbies he enjoys. MIACHAEL C’s fun-loving heart shone through in our interview, stating that he wants to enjoy this tournament as much as possible. A fan of using a variety of builds, and with his strategic playstyle of luring and punishing his opponents, will MICHAEL C strike his favorite Krillin victory-pose after this battle?

As the spotlight beams down upon these two contrasting players, who will rise above when sparks fly in the final feature match of the WINNERS TOP 16?!


MILCOOL’s Team and Battle Members

MICHAEL C’s Team and Battle Members

Fielding his Girls lineup, MILCOOL drove GAME 1 with offensive gameplay. After switching in Ribrianne from his Great Saiyaman 2’s Strike Arts, he locked in MICHAEL C’s Zamasu with her Main Ability. From there he struck home with the Ultimate “Ribrianne Eternal Love”, activating and using up Zamasu’s one-time death protection from “Immortal Body”.

MICHAEL C may have taken a heavy blow with the early loss of Zamasu’s central ability, but he wasn’t ready to give up yet. Seeing that the main threat to his heavy-hitting Cell was MILCOOL’s Great Saiyaman 2, he strung a combo into a Rising Rush against her with the Elementally-advantaged Lord Slug! However…

MILCOOL guessed MICHAEL C’s card, negating the Rising Rush and sparing Great Saiyaman 2! MICHAEL C was seen laughing in disbelief.

MILCOOL was keeping his cool as he regained control of the battle, skillfully rotating through his characters to beat down MICHAEL C’s Lord Slug. After a short exchange with Slug on the ropes, MILCOOL was able to switch into Mai, using her Ki recovery upon entering the battlefield to keep the pressure on and finally take down the Namekian monster.


Further leveraging his lead and capitalizing on MICHAEL C’s untimely switch into his low-HP Zamasu, MILCOOL made short work of Zamasu and left his opponent with only Cell remaining.

Then it was time for Great Saiyaman 2, who earlier miraculously countered Lord Slug’s Rising Rush, to use her Element advantage to blow Cell away with a Rising Rush of her own.



MILCOOL’s Team and Battle Members

MICHAEL C’s Team and Battle Members

Game 2 gave us the all-too-familiar but no less exciting Son Family mirror match! Though without a GRN fighter to gain Element advantage over MILCOOL’s tough BLU defensive-type Gohan, MICHAEL C was looking at a steep wall to climb.

After a few rounds of Vanish-baiting footsies, MICHAEL C was taking the lead, shaving a ton of health off MILCOOL’s BLU Gohan. But his lead was to be short-lived, as while loading up his RED Gohan’s Ultimate with his Main Ability, MILCOOL’s RED Gohan launched into a Rising Rush, defeating him before he could use it!
Now in a 3 on 2, MILCOOL was looking to turn up the heat.

MICHAEL C then tried his luck with Goku, but could not last long. MILCOOL cycled through his 3 fighters whittling Goku down to zero. Though could this have been all part of MICHAEL C’s plan to have Goku take a dive so that his powerful “Proud Inheritance” buff would be passed onto Goten to launch a counterattack?


MICHAEL C, left only with a hyper-buffed Goten, caught MILCOOL’s Goten with great timing during a side-step to unleash a devastating Rising Rush! Sending MILCOOL’s Goten straight from 100 to 0, MICHAEL C was back in with a chance to win this 1v2 situation.

However in the end, MILCOOL refused to give MICHAEL C any more ground, and used his 2-fighter advantage to pick apart his opponent and run him out of options, eventually delivering the final blow and taking the match two games to zero.



MILCOOL: “I’m really happy, to be honest.”

A man of few words that lets his fighting spirit do the talking, MILCOOL advances to the WINNERS TOP 8!

MICHAEL C: “We tried our best, both got a little lucky, but in the end he got me.”

Smiling from the beginning to the end of this round, we can surely count on MICHAEL C to keep giving his all in his matches to come.

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