From Japan, CHICKEN319 has a record of reaching the PvP Top 3 and placing in PvP Top 10 for 5 times. Having expressed his ambition to fight overseas “Saiyans” in his pre-game interview, he did not seem to be anxious at all even on the Las Vegas stage.

To CHICKEN319’s wish, his first rival in the showdown was ICHIZOKU, a Saiyan coming all the way from France. ICHIZOKU has been playing DBLegends since its release and possesses almost all the characters. Therefore, he is used to playing different parties and can adapt to different playing styles.

Two very contrasting players are set for the bout!



CHICKEN319’s Team and Battle Members

ICHIZOKU’s Team and Battle Members

SON Family vs SON Family. Same archetype, different build. CHICKEN319 gained the upper hand by sending out Gohan (RED) as he is able to cope with Goku and nullify the unfavorable Element against Gohan (BLU) with his Main Ability.

After a minute of sparring, CHICKEN319 was successful in defeating Goku with a Rising Rush. But, he was not happy about it.

No doubt why. It’s not clever to take Goku out first as he will buff other allies drastically. Even if he is luring you in, it is not worth using up your precious Rising Rush.

CHICKEN319 did outnumber ICHIZOKU, but the game was still under the French player’s control.


Here starts ICHIZOKU’s revenge. His damage buffed Goten unleashed a Rising Rush, knowing CHICKEN319 was going to switch to his Goten, and just like that, the kid fighter’s Health bar went from 100% to 0%.

Goten is not mature enough to show mercy. He moved on to smash other mirror Family members on CHICKEN319’s side and the Japanese player’s Gohan (RED) was defeated in a flash. 1v2, ICHIZOKU reversed the numbers game.

CHICKEN319 was not the type to just give up. He at last activated Gohan’s Main Ability and landed his Ultimate Arts on his young brother, but Goten managed to survive. The Japanese player did not let adrenaline guide his fingers and go for a reckless attack, but instead, stayed back and restored Gohan’s Vanishing Gauge. Rewarding his effort, CHICKEN319’s perfectly timed Special Move finally KO’ed ICHIZOKU’s MVP, Goten.

However, despite his struggle, CHICKEN319 took a returning Ultimate from ICHIZOKU’s Gohan and it was the French who won the first game.



CHICKEN319’s Team and Battle Members

ICHIZOKU’s Team and Battle Members

ICHIZOKU switched to Girls team in GAME 2 while CHICKEN319 kept his SON Family build, but this time, he brought Ultimate Gohan (GRN) to the fight instead of Goku to counter the Girls’ leader, Ribrianne.

The first big moment of this game happened when Goten confronted Caulifla. The female warrior was Paralyzed by Goten’s attack and just when ICHIZOKU tried to start a combo, Caulifla suddenly stopped her movement due to Paralyze, which straight up led to a KO!

Leading 3v2, CHICKEN319 had no mercy for the Girls. With Ultimate Gohan (GRN) prepared for dealing with Ribrianne, the Japanese player sparked off a mind battle with ICHIZOKU, and BOOM, Rising Rush!

CHICKEN319 predicted the French fighter’s movement and landed an accurately calculated Rising Rush.
It was all in CHICKEN319’s hands then.
With his last warrior Mai going down, ICHIZOKU was forced into GAME 3.



CHICKEN319’s Team and Battle Members

ICHIZOKU’s Team and Battle Members

The last battle was a mirror match between the SON Family, just like in GAME 1. Same parties, same battle members.
ICHIZOKU wished the results to be the same, and CHICKEN319 had the exact opposite thought. Dream will only come true for either of them.

The momentum of the game started to shift when CHICKEN319’s Gohan (RED) pressurized ICHIZOKU to switch in his Gohan to protect other allies — CHICKEN319’s Rising Rush button ignited.
CHICKEN319 immediately switched to Goten and unleashed the big move, knocking out ICHIZOKU’s Gohan!


The odds turned against ICHIZOKU who now had a numerical disadvantage, but he managed to bombard Goten with a flood of Arts attacks and almost finished off CHICKEN319’s kid warrior. To prevent Goten from being defeated, CHICKEN319 switched in Gohan (BLU), but ICHIZOKU had been waiting for this!

The French player used Goten to unleash a Rising Rush directed at full health Gohan and brought the match back to an even one… No! CHICKEN319 got his Rising Rush guess right and it was instead ICHIZOKU’s Goten who went down!

Game over.

CHICKEN319 still got a little work to do with Goku, but it was not long before the Saiyan ran out of Health bar.
Japan’s fighter came out on top of this desperate match.


CHICKEN319 Wins!

CHICKEN319: “I am really happy. ICHIZOKU is a very good player and I was very nervous since it’s my first battle, but I am really glad to win this one.”

CHICKEN319 beat the nerves and played flawlessly, moving on to WINNERS TOP8.

ICHIZOKU: “The first game looked intense but I think my opponent was just testing the waters. The second and third game were a lot tougher. It hurts a lot when you took a Paralyze and it was a clear loss.”

Maybe ICHIZOKU was just being humble, but indeed CHICKEN319 played a very good game.

Two true fighters made this deathmatch possible. Give a big round of applause to our Feature Match players.

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