Second cycle of WINNERS TOP16!
In this game, Taiwan’s THOMASTSAI went up against France’s MUTEN.

On one hand we have THOMASTSAI, who started playing Legends at the recommendation of a friend, and on the other hand we have MUTEN, a veteran Dragon Ball fan of 30 years. While their beginnings in Dragon Ball Legends may be different, their reason for being here at the world tournament is the same:

To clash with warriors from around the world on stage in Las Vegas and vie for supremacy as world champion!


THOMASTSAI’s Team and Battle Members

MUTEN’s Team and Battle Members

THOMASTSAI brought an innovative build comprised primarily of Future and Regeneration units with the addition of Ribrianne. Almost a Rogue build, you would have to call it a Future/Regen/Girls hybrid. Adding Cell to Girls build also gives it another edge in battles against SON Family.
MUTEN, however, chose to bring a more regular, tried-and-tested pure Girls build.

In the early-game, MUTEN managed spread the damage between Great Saiyaman 2 and Mai while THOMASTSAI relied on Zamasu’s tough defense.

Looking to push the battle further in his favor, THOMASTSAI let a Rising Rush at Great Saiyaman 2, but MUTEN’s quick reflexes allowed him to cover change in Ribrianne to soak it up.

Then it was MUTEN’s turn to throw out a Rising Rush. What could have been a certain KO on Mai turned around thanks to THOMASTSAI picking the right Arts card to cancel the rush!


Going way into the late-game, both players managed to keep all of their battle members alive for over 3 minutes until THOMASTSAI’s Cell was able to eliminate Great Saiyaman 2 following a Solar Kamehameha.

Now losing the numbers game, MUTEN chose to preserve Ribrianne to take advantage of her Unique Ability, A Maiden’s Rage, switching in Mai to take the brunt of THOMASTSAI’s assault.

It was no use, however, as after MUTEN’s Mai fell to a Rising Rush, Ribrianne alone was not enough to stand against THOMASTSAI’s 3 remaining members.

Finishing off Ribrianne, THOMASTSAI took the first game and was one step closer to victory in the WINNERS TOP16.



THOMASTSAI’s Team and Battle Members

MUTEN’s Team and Battle Members

GAME 2 party choices showed THOMASTSAI once again going with his unique hybrid build, and MUTEN bringing his Future/Regen team to try to claw his way back from the jaws of defeat.

THOMASTSAI borrowed the momentum from the last game. Skillfully weaving his attacks, he aimed a Rising Rush at Mai.
However, MUTEN’s Mai survived the rush as the French player made the correct card guess!

MUTEN was then able to catch THOMASTSAI off guard with a Mai on Mai Rising Rush, but THOMASTSAI’s Mai held on with a small amount of Health remaining!


THOMASTSAI’s Cell tried to launch his Ultimate into a close-range Lord Slug, but with a quick switch from MUTEN, it was Mai who faced the music and was downed.

After losing Mai, MUTEN was looking at an uphill 2v3 which proved too steep a mountain to climb.

Applying pressure with 3 characters to go between, THOMASTSAI finished off MUTEN’s Lord Slug with a clean Mai stun into Rising Rush.

Left with only Cell to fight back, MUTEN was unable to hold THOMASTSAI back, and was defeated. Taking two games from two, THOMASTSAI emerged victorious!



MUTEN: “I’m little disappointed with the loss, of course, my opponent was really strong. I think he was really able to analyze my playstyle so in the end I think he deserved to win.”

Though suffering a first defeat, MUTEN showed grace in respect for his opponent.

THOMASTSAI: “I was pretty nervous going into this match, but now that it’s over I feel a little more relaxed.”

With some amazing play that embodied his self-styled “go with the flow” approach, THOMASTSAI advanced to the WINNERS TOP 8!

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