A battle is about begin between DIEGO from America and SAIROU from Germany at this table.

Both of them spoke about being good at aggressive plays. Which one will be the best attacker and come out on top?


DIEGO’s Team and Battle Members

SAIROU’s Team and Battle Members

GAME 1 is a combat between [Regenerations] and[Super Saiyans] . Defense vs Offense.

First to unleash the Rising Rush was DIEGO’s Zamasu. However, SAIROU predicted the correct Arts Card and prevented his character from going down. SAIROU then activated a Rising Rush himself but his super attack was also guessed and stopped.

Both players’ Rising Rush attempts failed, but DIEGO succeeded in dodging the enemy’s counter after Rising Rush while SAIROU took the counter directly. Just a slight difference in combo connections was enough to separate the two sides.

The deadlock was broken by a Special Move unleashed by DIEGO’s Cell. All three characters on SAIROU’s side had no more power to sustain Cell’s Special Move and DIEGO timed the move perfectly to take down Bardock. 3v2.


The balance in this match started to collapse.
DIEGO did not slow down, but pursued the opponent with consecutive Blast and Strike Arts. SAIROU’s Goku went down and Broly was the only fighter left.

Despite the fighter’s incredible abilities, he had very little choices remaining in his pocket as the last man standing.

SAIROU put on his last effort to KO Zamasu who had revived once already, but there was no space to escape from Cell’s Ultimate Arts.

DIEGO won the first game.



DIEGO’s Team and Battle Members

SAIROU’s Team and Battle Members

SAIROU returned with the [SON Family] archetype and DIEGO sticked with his [Regenerations] archetype.

The Family has not one but two counters to the key character for Regenerations, Zamasu, with Goten sealing his Endurance effect and Gohan having the Elemental advantage. Can SAIROU keep himself in the tournament by taking this advantage?

The battle started with a clash of combos.
SAIROU linked up his combos quickly and charged up a Rising Rush first, saving it for the right timing. However, DIEGO caught the German warrior off guard and returned the favor with a combo.
He first bombarded the opponent with Ki blasts and stopped Goku’s attack with a Special Skill Arts, then predicted the enemy’s counter and dodged by a Vanishing Step. SAIROU’s Goku was knocked out in no time.
Despite the unfavorable matchup, DIEGO first took the lead.

Next, the American locked Goten as his target and unleashed a Rising Rush with Cell!
But, SAIROU chose the right Arts Card and survived the Rising Rush. Without wasting any time, Goten fired a Rising Rush in return! This was the timing SAIROU waited for. And to the German’s favor, Goten’s amazing ATK sent his unfavorable opponent Cell off the battlefield by a successful Rising Rush.

Goku did not go down without doing any damage. His buffs to Goten also destroyed Lord Slug after Cell. The Super Namekian was one-shotted by a combo of double Strike Arts and Ultimate Arts!


The final survivor Zamasu could do nothing against BLU Gohan. He did spice up the match till the end though, showing us a Dokibaki Impact in the last. SAIROU won the collision by a energy difference of 1! The match returned to where it started.



DIEGO’s Team and Battle Members

SAIROU’s Team and Battle Members

The final game to determine the victor of ROUND 1 MATCH 3. Both players decided to bring the same team as they did in GAME 2!
DIEGO sticked with Regenerations and SAIROU entrusted his fate to the SON Family.
Will this battle “regenerate” a copy of GAME 2, or will DIEGO overcome the unfavorable matchup and claim a miracle win?

First to connect a long combo was DIEGO. Knowing that a prolonged battle would not work in his odds in this matchup, the American attacked fearlessly with Cell.

This lightning move paid off. A power 995 Dokibaki Impact made Goku suffer a ton of damage, and after a few rounds of sparring, Cell baited Goku with a Rising Rush and finished him off with a guaranteed combo.
This looked exactly the same as GAME 2, with Goku defeated first.

That’s right, the same game plan. SAIROU went one man down but he was not under pressure. One of the best things about SON Family archetype is that even being outnumbered, if the one KO’ed is Goku, the team actually grows even stronger.

But, this did not turn out to be a replay of GAME 2.

After dodging an attack, Zamasu closed in on Goten and immediately switched to Lord Slug to dish out damage. The Namekian moved on to press Gohan and rip off SAIROU’s party.

Still DIEGO’s turn. In order to take Gohan out, the player from America moved forward to mid-range and succeeded in baiting the opponent. This counterattack led to a second KO just as DIEGO planned.

The match is settled at this point.

Cell and Lord Slug worked together to finish off Goten and brought a hard-earned victory to DIEGO.



DIEGO: “It was very intense. It was 2-1 so it was very close until the end. I was kind of nervous and made a few mistakes but I think we both did fine.”

DIEGO advanced to WINNERS TOP 8 after overcoming an unfavorable matchup.

SAIROU: “I was very nervous and made quite some mistakes. But I was really impressed with how well the opponent played.”

A mix of aggressive and defensive gameplay throughout the match by SAIROU. Thank you both for a dynamic show.

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