The second match was fought between MASAKATSU, the samurai from Japan who ranked in PvP Top 3 multiple times, and HEARTLJ, the warrior from Singapore. Both of them revealed their favorite character to be Mai in the pre-game interview, and unsurprisingly, they both brought Mai in their deck.

Who will be the one who makes the most of Mai’s versatile toolkit and seize victory?


MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

HEARTLJ’s Team and Battle Members

The battle between the [SON Family] archetype and [Future / Regenerations] archetype begins from fighter selection. MASAKATSU locked his sight on HEARTLJ’s Cell, who is especially powerful against the Family, and the Japanese player decided to choose Gohan as a counter toward Cell instead of picking the regular starter Goku.

MASAKATSU started off strongly. Constant character switches and precise Strike Arts attacks allowed no room for HEARTLJ to fight back.
When HEARTLJ finally switched to Mai, MASAKATSU had no hesitation in his mind and unleashed an Ultimate Arts.
The female warrior was defeated and this came down to 3v2.

With the advantage of number and Rising Rush preserved, MASAKATSU continued his merciless bombards with Blast Arts.
Knowing the Japanese samurai could launch a Rising Rush anytime, HEARTLJ had to be careful with counterattacking. His favorite character going down made the situation worse, as it became more difficult for him to switch characters.

MASAKATSU pushed forward using the edge to his benefit. Zamasu’s troublesome Endurance effect can be sealed with Goten’s Ultimate Arts. Without letting the Singaporean counter, MASAKATSU KO’ed Zamasu with Goten.


However, HEARTLJ was not going down without paying back. His last man standing, Cell, landed a Rising Rush on the Family and showed his perfect capabilities.

Defeating one member from Goku’s Family was nevertheless his best effort.
Having used up his Vanishing Gauge, Cell had nowhere to hide from Gohan’s Blast Arts and was wiped out from the battlefield in a flash.
MASAKATSU took a step closer to ROUND 1 Victory.



MASAKATSU’s Team and Battle Members

HEARTLJ’s Team and Battle Members

A mirror match between the [Son Family] archetype.
Their battle member selection had a huge impact on the match.
MASAKATSU decided Gohan (BLU) to be an important factor in this matchup and brought him to the battle. This choice was indeed a game-changer.

The Family went head-to-head with each other in this 3v3 match and MASAKATSU’s Gohan faced with HEARTLJ’s Gohan.

The difference between them was that MASAKATSU played a BLU Gohan while HEARTLJ’s Gohan was RED, and obviously MASAKATSU had the advantage.
Rubbing salt in the wound, MASAKATSU unleashed a Rising Rush with favorable Element Factors. 3v2.

Not going to let HEARTLJ run. MASAKATSU sent Gohan forward for his second KO against Goku who had only 25% Health left.

HEARTLJ had the choice to switch to Goten to save Goku from being defeated, but he made up his mind to sacrifice Goku. This way, Goten could stay at a high portion of Health and received buffs from Goku. Even though being cornered, HEARTLJ chose his best option available for a comeback.


His desperate attempt to unleash an Ultimate Arts was however dodged by MASAKATSU with a rapid switch.
HEARTLJ stood no chance for real this time.

HEARTLJ’s Goten and MASAKATSU’s Gohan fired Blast shots at each other in the end, and it was MASAKATSU who dealt the finishing blow.



MASAKATSU: “I think I read the opponent’s pattern well and was able to do what I am capable of.”

The player from Japan showcased his skills throughout the match and was ready to take on the next round with confidence.

HEARTLJ: “MASAKATSU is a very good player. Kind of expected this result. It was not enough this time.”

The Singaporean fighter praised the opponent and showed his fighting spirit. He promised to win all the remaining matches in order to battle with MASAKATSU once more.

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