WALLACE from Taiwan and DARRYL from Canada kicked off the tournament.
The showdown is played in double elimination format, which means players can afford to lose once, but that is not something any of the fighters would aim for. At any rate, the results of this very first battle will have a big impact on the two fighters’ upcoming matches.

Both of them knew that very well. WALLACE finished his character selection and looked up in the sky, while DARRYL kept his eyes on the device all the way. We could sense the nerves in them by their looks.

A moment of peace following battle member selection, but not for long.
The opening match starts now.


WALLACE’s Team and Battle Members

DARRYL’s Team and Battle Members

WALLACE started off with [Girls] archetype and DARRY started with a hybrid of [Future / Regenerations], just as they declared in the pre-tournament interview. GAME 1 turned out to be a clash between the two players’ favorite teams.

Girls team is extremely advantageous in this matchup. WALLACE had the upper hand at this point. Can DARRYL turn the odds in his favor?

Game starts. DARRYL made the first attempt to combo. He perfectly predicted the opponent’s vanishing, and linked up with Strike combos, building up Rising Rush at the same time.

However, WALLACE was the first to unleash the Rising Rush. After dodging Mai’s attack, he activated Ribrianne’s Main Ability to seal DARRYL’s character switching, connected combos with Strike Arts, and finally unleashed a Rising Rush with Zamasu!
Mai KO’ed. WALLACE outnumbered DARRYL.


Defeating Mai did not just give WALLACE the benefit of 3v2.
DARRYL’s [Future / Regenerations] heavily relies on running Mai, and losing her in the early stage hurts more than losing other members.

WALLACE continued to show off his clever gameplay skills.
A quick switch to Ribrianne allowed his team to sustain the minimum damage from Cell’s powerful hit. Incredibly fast decision to shift from attack to defense.

Ribrianne took Cell out in the blink of an eye, 3v1. Zamasu sparked off another Rising Rush and made WALLACE the winner of GAME 1.



WALLACE’s Team and Battle Members

DARRYL’s Team and Battle Members

DARRYL put his faith in [Future / Regenerations] despite losing GAME 1. WALLACE on the other hand changed to the [SON Family] to capitalize on their DPS.

WALLACE was still the favorite from matchup point of view. Will Goten’s attacks blast through Zamasu’s Immortal Body, or can DARRYL rebound from the verge of defeat like the traitorous God?

Both players went all out from the beginning. WALLACE was first to use Rising Rush but DARRYL guessed the correct Arts Card, giving him the chance to keep damage received to the minimum and initiate a counterattack. He then launched a Rising Rush and the SON Family took a heavy blow.


Unfortunate for the Canadian, WALLACE timed his character switch flawlessly and took on the Rising Rush with the favorable Element. The warrior from Taiwan refused to go down a man.

Both players used up their first Rising Rush and the fight went neck-to-neck. It was WALLACE’s read on the opponent that broke the deadlock.

WALLACE performed the same technique a couple times already in this game, looking for the timing where the opponent is wide open after vanishing. Too late when you see the opponent move. It’s essential to read enemy’s movement and enter the attacking command beforehand. WALLACE is an expert of predicting enemy’s vanishing steps.

That’s not the end. Just after WALLACE knocked out DARRYL’s first fighter, it seemed like he forecasted the future that Zamasu was going to counterattack and in response, WALLACE fired an overlapping Special Move to cancel DARRYL’s attempt!
DARRYL stood no chance after going two men down in just a few seconds.

WALLACE the movement predictor grabbed the win in this opening battle.



DARRYL: “WALLACE is a great competitor and he did outplay me but it’s a good learning experience and I’ll take that knowledge to the next round.”
No backing down for DARRYL now but first thing he did was to appreciate his opponent. He looked set to win the next round of showdown.

WALLACE: “I was pretty nervous but it worked out well in the end.”
His brilliant moves definitely did not look like coming from a nervous player. It can’t be a better start for the Taiwanese player.

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